Color Inspiration Thursday: Hot Buttered Rum

A sneak peek of another new colorway debuting at the New York Sheep & Wool Festival, and thereafter online: Hot Buttered Rum. This color has been on my mind for a couple of weeks, and I knew I had to get it onto some yarn in time for Autumn.

Hot Buttered Rum is one of my favorite winter drinks and, with today the first official day of Autumn (yay!), I’m really looking forward to warm drinks, fires in the wood stoves, crackling leaves, hot apple cider, and sweater weather!


Because it’s not exactly cocktail-o-clock yet, I’m currently enjoying a cup of a new tea I just received from Adagio, called Bonfire. Talk about Autumn in a cup! It smells divine, and tastes wonderful (and, caffeine-free, so it’s perfect for the afternoon). It’s  a blend of honeybush, hazelnut, cocoa nibs, aniseed, cinnamon, clove, orange peel, apples, rose hips, lapsing, and red peppercorn. Yes, autumn in a cup🙂.


Tea time in the studio, with some Autumn Sweater Inspiration, and my new yarn-drying wall in the background.


Finally, a recipe for a traditional Hot Buttered Rum. I am so ready for Autumn! Happy First Day of Fall!


Hot Buttered Rum on Spirit Trail Fiberworks’ Brigantia




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Studio: Creating a Yarn Wall

First off, the random winners of a skein of Birte in “Echo” are Teabird and Tracy! You’ve both been contacted via email; congratulations! I hope you love the yarn😀

As soon as I saw the photo below on Pinterest a good long while back, I knew at some point I had to have a wall of yarn in my life.

The question, of course, was where. I seriously doubted my family would see the merits of this, as supportive and understanding as they are of my passion (addiction?). But since our house was already covered top to bottom with yarn in various stages of dyeing, drying, labeling, photographing, knitting … I thought one more yarn-related item might be the last straw and I’d find all my clothes, as well as my yarn stash, out in the front yard.

So, I just looked at the photo every so often in my Pinterest account, and kept thinking about the potential of having all my left over bits on display, ready whenever I wanted them, without having to go digging through bags to find the color I was looking for (and tangling everything in the process).

As soon as my studio became a reality, I immediately started planning for my Wall o’ Yarn. I knew I wouldn’t be as color-coordinated as the wall in the Pinterest photo, because I’d want to organize my yarn by weight instead of just color. This way, I’d have yarn at my fingertips whenever I wanted it, without having to go digging. And would also easily be able to know I was pulling colors in the same weight.

I do this every time I knit a fair isle hat, or other little item. These little projects are so great for leftover bits.

A little discussion with one of my son’s friends (who was also a studio-painter and fixer this summer), and the plan was laid out.


Teenage boys are awesome.


One 4’x4′ span of peg board (there’s another 2.5’x4′ span elsewhere in the studio, too, either for more yarn or some other display)


Sunna, Tayet, and Brigantia leftovers


All my leftovers, right above my desk😀


Close Up

What this has shown me is I need more yarn to fill up my sculpture (hahaha). Actually, I have some sweater quantities at home I may put up top. That way, I can easily look at them and let ideas percolate.

I’m sure much rearranging will ensue over the coming weeks and months. I’ll definitely keep each type of yarn separate, though, because trying to tell a 3-ply heavy fingering weight from a 3-ply dk weight can be challenging, especially if they’re the same fiber blend! But, I may switch it up, spread things out, leave more space between; really, I thought I had more yarn than would fit on this board before I started.

I’m really enjoying looking up from my computer and seeing my giant yarn sculpture.

Fun, isn’t it?



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