Color Inspiration Thursday: If a Tree Falls


With the debut of Mary Annarella’s new pattern, I Am Groot: Cardigan of the Galaxy, yesterday, it seemed more than fitting to post about the inspiration for the colorway.

Mary wanted a color reminiscent of the varying tan and brown shades of tree bark, but not too variegated or contrasty since her design includes cables. I went with the winter shades of the woods; the trees always seem more subtle and muted than other seasons. I don’t think the bark actually changes, but without being surrounded by the colors of Spring, Summer, and Fall, the trees definitely seem quieter, more subdued.

She loved the colorway, and I love her design!


Mary’s put the pattern up on Ravelry at 30% off until December 17, 2017! And, as noted yesterday, there’s lots of Zalti available in my shop, as well as a dyed-to-order option for If a Tree Falls, and a special order option for any other color not currently in stock.

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New Design: I Am Groot: Cardigan of the Galaxy!


Mary Annarella of Lyrical Knits just published her gorgeous new cardigan pattern, I Am Groot: Cardigan of the Galaxy, on Ravelry this morning (that play on words just cracks me up, I love it so much). The pattern is also 30% off until December 17, 2017! I’ve been watching this cardigan develop over the last couple of months over on Mary’s Instagram feed, and I just love it.

This is one of those wonderful, comfy designs that’s so nice to wrap up in. It has so many nice details, too: ribbed edging on the front and collar (I’ve always loved this style of sweater edging), pockets, a bit longer, nearly tunic length, and those gorgeous cables. I love patterns that have enough going on to keep them interesting, and this definitely fits the bill.


Mary and I collaborated on the colorway, If a Tree Falls. She was envisioning a color reminiscent of varying shades of weathered tree bark, to go with the character of Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy (without the green “moss” on the character 🙂 ). Not too dark and not too contrasty, so the cables would show up nicely. It’s dyed on STF Zalti, which is a beautiful 100% Targhee worsted / aran weight, and Zalti LOVES cables (Amy Herzog used the same base for her Verglas design last year, and I also have a booth sample of Thea Colman’s Dark and Stormy knit in Zalti, and it’s fantastic, too).

Aren’t those cables just fabulous? Mary’s designs are so lovely, and so timeless. It was a pleasure to work with her, and I really love the result so much.

As part of the design debut, I’ve opened up a dyed-to-order listing for Zalti in If a Tree Falls. Orders placed between now and January 2, 2018, will ship no later than January 24, 2018. Orders placed after January 2 will ship 3-4 weeks after order date. There are lots of other colors in stock on Zalti right now, too, and if you don’t see the color you want, I’m happy to do special orders. Special orders of other colors will follow the same schedule as If a Tree Falls above. Just email me at!


What a gorgeous pattern (and aren’t the buttons perfect?).


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Finished Object: Caragh Sweater


Caragh, in her Caragh, knit in STF Brigantia in Scrimshawl

At long last, I finished my Caragh Sweater last week. I was a test knitter for Laura Nelkin for this pattern. Well, I was supposed to be a test knitter. Good thing she had a lot of other test knitters this time around, because sadly, I was a complete fail on this deadline.

As always, this was a fun pattern to knit. I love Laura’s patterns, because they’re always unique in construction. Caragh, like Vindur and Gola, is knit side to side, and then back and forth along the sides and under the sleeve. Caragh is fun because there are cables on the sides, and around the neck.


It’s a really good pattern if you’re knitting in a place where your focus is or could be scattered. Kids sports events, or knitting groups, for instance. Since the body is stockinette, and it’s all knit first, there’s plenty of knitting that can successfully be done in these types of settings, because all that’s required is a bit of increasing / decreasing / shaping. Then you can save the cabled parts for later, when you’re home (if you’re like me and sometimes mess up your stitch patterns because you’re paying too much attention to the conversation or sporting event 🙂 ).


I love these side-to-side sweater patterns Laura has created, and have knit Gola (which I DID test knit for Laura, in the timeframe she needed 😉 ) and Vindur as well. The addition of cables up the sides and around the loose turtle / cowl neck really adds to this design, too. Caragh loves her sweater, which makes me a very happy knitter (and Mom).


Laura’s recent Faded Gola has me, once again, thinking about another sweater. I love the Gola I knit for myself, and I love the speckled / faded color kits I’ve been putting together this Fall. So, there might be another Gola on my needles one of these days!

PS I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that I’ve added Gift Certificates to my online shop! Perfect for the choosy yarn lover who likes to pick his or her own colors. You can get them here.




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Finished Object: 3-Color Cashmere Shawl


So, I finished this shawl, 3-Color Cashmere Shawl, by Joji Locatelli, before the New  York Sheep & Wool Festival. Trying to get my daughter, Caragh, to stand still long enough to get photos has been more difficult than usual these past couple of months. She’s been so busy ~ school, research projects, college applications (there are 9? 10?), cross country, friends, school … I don’t know how the girl does it all (well, I do, but I’m continually astounded).


Anyway, another fun and fabulous pattern by Joji. I really love her designs; I think this is the fourth I’ve knit? Maybe 5. Every one has been well-written and perfectly tech-edited.


I knit this shawl in Spirit Trail Sunna, in Midnight Oil (a deep, dark charcoal-blue with purple tones), Hermitage (antique gold), and Spectral (gray with red / blue / mustard speckles). It took less than one skein of each color. If you’re inclined to knit one of your own, I have all three colors in stock (see above links), as well as lots of other colors that would work great together. And a few three-skein kits of Sunna, and one in Eos, already put together; you can check them out here. Need help choosing colors? Just send me an email at; I love putting color combinations together!

The pattern called for only the one, big section of Color C, which is Hermitage in my shawl. I realized after I had knit the first sections of large color blocks that I really wanted more of the gold in it. Had I thought about it earlier, I probably would have added a couple of rows of gold in between each of the large block sections in the first section, too (like, the last row of one color and first of the second, at each color transition … this would keep stitch counts correct).

Here’s how I added the gold stripes, to keep the number of rows and stitch counts correct:

And, this is how I organized my colors for the shawl instructions:
Color A: Spectral
Color B: Midnight Oil
Color C: Hermitage

Band 2, two-row colors stripes (10 sets of 4 rows in the pattern, 40 rows total):

1 Rows 1-2: Spectral
2 Rows 3-4: Midnight Oil
3 Rows 5-6: Spectral
4 Rows 7-8: Hermitage
5 Rows 9-10: Midnight Oil
6 Rows 11-12: Spectral
7 Rows 13-14: Midnight Oil
8 Rows 15-16: Spectral
9 Rows 17-18: Midnight Oil
10 Rows 19-20: Hermitage
11 Rows 21-22: Spectral
12 Rows 23-24: Midnight Oil
13 Rows 25-26: Spectral
14 Rows 27-28: Midnight Oil
15 Rows 29-30: Spectral
16 Rows 31-32: Hermitage
17 Rows 33-34: Spectral
18 Rows 35-36: Midnight Oil
19 Rows 37-38: Spectral
20 Rows 39-40: Midnight Oil

Downloadable PDF is here.



That little dimple. It kills me every time.

I think this is a shawl I’ll wear a lot (unless I give it to Caragh; it does look really pretty on her).

More photos on my Ravelry project page.



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