Color Inspiration Thursday ~ Spice Road & Vortex


Spice Road is a colorway created for the 2015 club. For this colorway, I envisioned the rich, warm colors of a spice market in Marrakesh ~ deep reds and browns, tans and burnt oranges, golds, grays, and muted greens. To create it, I used 5 different colors (each one a mix of different dyes), including a brown which tends to break during the dye process. I used my experience with how this particular color breaks into its component parts to create much of the variegation of Spice Road (working with the color instead of against it, for once 😀 ). Because of how variable this process can be, this is a colorway with more variation between dyelots than some of my other more stable colorways. No matter the variation though, I’ve loved each and every dyelot I’ve dyed, and really love this colorway.


Spice Road works well in designs with simpler patterns, where the pattern won’t get lost in or compete with the variegation. Clockwise from top left: Ravelry projects by SpiritTrail, BarbieNoob, autumnsky, TriciaindaHouse, Amarula, and vehuddle


Vortex is a light neutral I created to work both on its own and also as a contrasting, lighter color for colorwork projects. This is a soft, light gray, often with some darker gray areas here and there. It’s a classic wardrobe staple and can be partnered with loads of other colors. The featured yarn is Zalti; Vortex is sometimes a bit darker on the yarn bases which include silk and cashmere, since these fibers take dye differently than wool.

Putting these two yarns next to each other on my desk, I noticed how well they go together. The grays in Spice Road compliment the Vortex, and the contrast immediately had me thinking of a colorwork sweater. Which, of course, I now see in my (hopefully near) future.


Since I had pulled a bunch of different yarns for orders shipping out today, I paired some of them up with Vortex just to show how it looks with various colors:


Vortex paired with, clockwise from top left: Spice Road, Neon Poppies, Malachite, Chimney Swift, Celestial, Chipotle, Entling, Vendange, Dance the Orange



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