Color Inspiration Thursday, and Another Give-Away!


Dance the Orange is one of my favorite colorways. I love deep, somewhat burnt sort of oranges and this one is just about perfect (a new favorite, Spanish Tile, which I’ve pulled for a contrast shot I’ll post in the near future, is just a little deeper and more burnt). Dance the Orange is such a rich colorway; it’s beautiful on its own and it’s a fantastic contrast color for colorwork projects.

Ravelry Projects by (clockwise from upper left): mimers, zuzusus, purlewe (colorwork hat with the Chipotle colorway), dragonflya, autumn sky (two), Boog

This colorway was named after a poem written by Rainer Maria Rilke, from The Sonnets of Orpheus I, 15), which I thought was quite beautiful and I loved the images this poem evoked as I read it. The title of the poem just stuck with me and continued to resonate, and I found myself playing around with the color orange. “Dance the Orange” is the result ~ not too bright (no hunter orange here), but not too burnt (no rust, either, thank you). Rather pumpkiny / Japanese Lantern in color and tone, but not quite.

Dance the Orange, by Rainer Maria Rilke

Wait … that taste … it’s already flown.
… just a little music, a stamping, a drone:
You warm maidens, you silent maidens,
dance the taste of fruit we experience!

Dance the orange. Who can forget it?
How, drowning in itself, it struggles to
deny its sweetness. You possess it.
It preciously converts itself to you.

Dance the orange. The warmer season
weave around you, so it ripely shines
in the air of its homeland! Radiant, reveal
fragrance after fragrance! Create the liaison
between the pure, forbidding rind,
and the juice, with which this happy fruit is filled!

One skein of Dance the Orange was left in Verdande, so I’m doing another give away for this poor orphan skein! Leave a comment on this blog post to be entered to win this skein. Be sure to come back and visit to see if you’ve won!


Chimney Swift is one of those wonderful neutral colors that goes with just about everything. It’s a deep gray-green-brown with subtle hints of soft blue and muted green in places, reminiscent of the Chimney Swifts that used to take up residence in my parents’ chimney every year. They are really quite something to watch, and to listen to from within the house, with their constant fluttering about and chirping at each other. Since my parents had a wood stove insert added to their fireplace, we don’t hear the Chimney Swifts as much anymore. Which is unfortunate, but the memory sticks with me.

Ravelry Projects by (clockwise from upper left): juliafc, LaineSelect, BlissKnitter

Both of these colors are fabulous for colorwork projects. Sometime soon I’ll post some photos of color pairing ideas, too. Out of time today!

This has been one crazy week, with four college music school auditions in 6 days. What a crazy process, too. I don’t know how college admissions and music school professors are able to make their decisions. It’s definitely not a job I would want! Jackson was accepted into the music program and trumpet studio at West Virginia University at his audition, which is awesome and exciting (and how I wish it was In-State for us!). Even out of State, WVU is definitely a serious contender and if it ends up being Jackson’s choice, we’ll somehow make it work. We absolutely loved the professor at WVU, and the program seems fantastic (and it has a Jazz Performance major, which not all the colleges we visited do). WVU also has a fabulous marching band (scheduled to be in the Macy’s Day Parade this year, too!) and Jackson’s all about marching band. Now, we wait for word from the other universities. Which is supremely stressful, to say the least.

Teenage dinner entertainment on our college audition road~trip~adventure

Don’t forget to leave a comment if you’d like that skein of Verdande in Dance the Orange! And be sure to check back to see if you’re a winner! 😀

30 thoughts on “Color Inspiration Thursday, and Another Give-Away!

  1. I’m usually not an orange person but the 2013 club Sunna was such a beautiful shade of orange that I find myself reconsidering it. It pairs really nicely with cobalt blues and grays.

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  2. I’m long these colour stories (and I love both the orange and Verdande). I thought I had signed up. Follow, but I have to do again, as I don’t seem to be getting notifications!

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  3. I love, love, love Dance the Orange and wondered where the name came from! So exciting about Jackson’s tryouts and getting accepted immediately at one contender is outstanding!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He got his letter of acceptance to the Music School at Virginia Tech ~ yay! But, still waiting to hear on acceptance to the University, which is separate (and obviously required in addition to music acceptance). Fingers still crossed 🙂


  4. Dance the Orange is a lovely shade of burnt orange and I do love the Chimney Swift colorway as well. Can’t you just see them paired together to make some interesting color work accessories themed for Halloween?

    BTW, love your new blog!!

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  5. I could get lost in that rich, vibrant color. And the Nyssa shawl pattern is free! YAY! I WILL have one of those. Thank you so much for the chance to win a skein of that absolutely gorgeous yarn.

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  6. With two Hokie granddaughters at Virginia Tech…orange is always an exciting choice for me! You are showing pictures of some very lovely shawls. Is there any chance you can let us know whose patterns they are? I love your blog…

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  7. Hey! That’s my foot up there! I would love another skein of this colorway. I still do have 2 skeins of Sunna in Dancing the Orange. Seeing this post makes me want to cast on a nice cozy shawl with it.

    Mimers on Ravelry


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