Color Inspiration Thursday ~ Waikiki


Waikiki is a saturated, aqua-blue colorway with aqua-green highlights, reminiscent of the amazing ocean colors of Hawaii and the Caribbean. It’s solid enough to be used for lace projects, but softly variegated to add depth and subtle shimmer to knitted items.

I just love this colorway. It’s fantastic on its own, but also a great one for colorwork projects. A perfect color for a dreary winter day.


Ravelry Projects, clockwise from upper left:heydebbi’s Pulelehua, Wanderlustknit’s Summertime Shawl MKAL, montanadun’s Maple Wing, marymealittle’s Present Tenses, maligner’s Arbutus Cowl, and wilkergirl’s Jeck (personal photos from Ravelry project pages, so color varies)

Sunna_Waikiki (1 of 1)





9 thoughts on “Color Inspiration Thursday ~ Waikiki

  1. Love this color! Have some luscious Waikiki Orihime in stash just waiting for inspiration to strike!


  2. I’m not a huge fan of the color blue, but this blue-green shade is extraordinary! There may be a project with this color in my future.

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  3. while normally i’m not much of a blue person, i prefer much hotter colors
    i’m getting won over a shade at a time

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  4. I must say, this is one of my favorite shades of blue. So geat to see it in a multitude of projects and bases.

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