Teaser ~ “Two Roads” Free Hat Pattern


This is what I’ve been working on instead of my Grandpa Cardigan. A free hat pattern, knit in Spirit Trail Vesta (100% superfine Merino, bulky and NOT superwash). I’ve knitted 5 hats so far (in 3 different colors), to create 2 sizes and two alternatives (with fold-over brim, and without). The pattern’s almost ready to go; it’s a quick, fun knit.

We’ll be calling it “Two Roads.” Caragh said the two different stitch patterns remind her of a straight road and a curvy road, and the Robert Frost poem (Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, etc., which happens to be one of my all-time-favorite poems). Since I was thinking the same thing, that’s what we’re going with. Pattern, and color photos, coming soon!

It’s great to have such a beautiful model in the house :-).

6 thoughts on “Teaser ~ “Two Roads” Free Hat Pattern

    1. Yes, it is! The non-brim version was on behalf of my husband, who thinks folded brims are too girlie (the rest of us here disagree with him, but at least now there are two versions ☺️)


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