Color Inspiration Thursday ~ Muscaris

A gorgeous, velvety purple with blue undertones reminiscent of deep purple grapes and flowers, Muscaris is a new colorway from last Fall. The name is a slight play on the French word for Grape Hyacinth, Muscari – thanks to my friend Virginie, who hails from Normandy, France, for coming up with it. Muscaris is “ripe” with possibility  – I could see this as a gorgeous sweater, shawl, scarf, or cowl.

And wouldn’t it be fantastic in a colorwork project – mittens or a hat – paired with a new colorway for this Spring named “Angel Trumpet”?


I could also see it beautifully paired with Corfu (cool aqua-blue),  Sea Grass (light yellowish-green), Fresh Mint (light Spring green), Vortex (light gray), or Scrimshaw (soft French vanilla).

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