Prize Winners & a Signed “Knitlandia” Giveaway!


Rebecca is the winner of the Knitting Doodads drawing, and Mercedes is the winner of the Highland Summer drawing! Congratulations, ladies! I’ve emailed you both, and also posted a response to your comments on my blog.

On a recent trip to Philadelphia to attend Clara Parkes’ Knitlandia book signing at Loop Yarn store, I picked up an extra copy of her book because I thought it might come in handy. And it has! I’m excited to give away a First Edition of Clara’s Knitlandia (because it’s already into its second printing!) to a lucky blog reader!

Even more exciting, Knitlandia just made it onto the New York Times Bestseller List in Travel! Which is so fabulous, and so very well-deserved for Clara, who is an extraordinary writer. It’s always so exciting when great things happen for great friends. Woohoo!

The book is currently in Clara’s hands, and she’s agreed to sign and personalize it for the winner of this random drawing. So, if you’d like a copy of Clara’s book signed just for you, leave me a comment on this blog post to be entered to win! I’ll choose a random winner on Monday, March 14, 2016.

Please include your Ravelry name in your comment (if you’re on Ravelry) so I can contact the winner via Ravelry PM as well as email (it’s always better to have multiple contact options 🙂 ).

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32 Responses to Prize Winners & a Signed “Knitlandia” Giveaway!

  1. tess says:

    What a lovely give away – thanks for thinking of us!

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  2. Jackie Jackson says:

    I’ve been reason Clara’s work since 2002. I’d love to have an autographed copy of Knitlandia.

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  3. Lenore says:

    I would love to read this book. Thank you!

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  4. Nancy says:

    What a fabulous giveaway! Thank you for this opportunity. My Ravelry name is Scraphappy. 😊

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  5. Linda Kephart Fallon Rav name: LAKF53 says:

    A signed copy would ROCK! What a wonderful gift!

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  6. Andrea DeRose says:

    Love Clara Parkes and Love Spirit Trail Fiberworks!
    Rav – Woundtootight

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  7. Karen says:

    I have not purchased this book yet as I was waiting to get it from a fiber festival or LYS. It would be so exciting to get a first edition signed copy! How wonderful that it made the New York Times bestseller list!
    (rav – quiltbaker)

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  8. Michelle Coffey says:

    Wow, knitting breaking into NYC Best Seller territory!! It’s like touching greatness 🙂 Congratulations and thanks for the kind giveaway! I’m mscoffey on ravelry and will cherish this book whether I win it or buy it. Very exciting!

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  9. Beth says:

    How exciting! Am at a knitting retreat and we’ve all been talking about wanting to read this book.
    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

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  10. oldgoatwoman says:

    Love Clara’s books and this ‘oldgoatwoman’ would love to win a copy. Thank you for the opportunity.

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  11. stitchalong says:

    How exciting that Knitlandia has made the NY Times Best Seller List and is in it`s second printing. I would love to have a signed first edition copy. I am stitchalong on Ravelry.

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  12. Anne Burton says:

    Thank you for offering the signed copy of Clara’s book. I would love to have a signed copy. I am Shorespinner on Ravelry, because I used to live on the Jersey Shore. Now I live by the Chesapeake Bay. Bayspinner? Nah, I’ll stick with Shorespinner!

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  13. Deb White says:

    Oh I love the way Clara Parkes writes!!I am “notprettytowatch” on Revelry. Let me explain…I don’t have a self image issue. Years ago, after a big knee surgery, a friend came to visit. After a while, she said,” You know, you need to find something to do. Your brain, at rest, is not pretty to watch.”. So I started to knit!

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  14. Deirdre says:

    So glad Clara’s doing so well with it!!! deirdre on ravelry


  15. Suzanne says:

    I’d love to win a copy. I’m suziknits on Ravelry.

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  16. BarbaraR says:

    I would love to win the signed copy of “Knitlandia”. I keep hearing such wonderful things about it!

    NanaKnits4Us on ravelry

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  17. Gloria Ross says:

    Loved the book and would love to have a signed copy. Congrats to Clara
    on making the NYT list. I’m Gloria19 on Rav.

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  18. basicknits says:

    Saw that it made the best seller list. So exciting :). (Ravname:coffeecat)

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  19. DJK says:

    After subscribing to Clara’s newsletter, I have just discovered her books and would be thrilled to have a copy of the latest. DJKknits

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  20. Stacey says:

    Ohhh! I saw this in a local bookstore in town but can’t afford it right now. I’m preciousEMT on Ravelry.

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  21. alhbooks says:

    So great that Clara’s book is not only on the bestseller list but already in a second printing…that’s a real accomplishment. And I would LOVE to have a first edition signed copy! I’m also alhbooks on Rav.


  22. sophy0075 says:

    Oh, I would love to win this copy of Knitlandia! Perhaps I can visit some of the places Clara mentions. My Rav name is the same as my WordPress name.

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  23. Terri says:

    Thanks for thinking of us! Can’t wait to read this book.

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  24. fargoflash says:

    I’d love to have a signed copy of Knitlandia to join my signed copy of The Yarn Whisperer. Rav name Fargoflash.

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  25. Judy Sturm says:

    I would love a copy!!!

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  26. Stephanie says:

    Would love this one. Rav name is sabograd

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  27. Martha says:

    I was just thinking I needed to get a copy of this book! Thanks to you and Clara for the giveaway. I’m drmarti on Ravelry.

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  28. Kyrie Garretson says:

    That would be very cool. Congrats to Clara for such an accomplishment – it sure doesn’t happen to every author!

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  29. Donna says:

    Wow, I would love a signed copy of Clara’s book! Thanks so much for this chance at one!!
    (ravname autumnsky)

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  30. Kali Hamlin says:

    Would love to have a signed copy of that book!! Can’t believe it’s already in it’s second printing!

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