Color Inspiration Thursday ~ Rose Kissed


Rose Kissed is a lovely, deep pink color ~ a little bit pink, a little bit raspberry, with a hint of red. I’m typically not a big fan of pink, but this colorway has just enough “oomph” that I really like it. Rose Kissed has been on my mind quite a bit lately, because I am so looking forward to seeing Laura Nelkin’s new design in Spirit Trail Nona (that’s her swatch in the upper left photo below). This will be the final design in her Novus Collection, and I can’t wait to see it!


Ravelry projects in Rose Kissed, clockwise from upper left: Laura Nelkin’s new Novus design (currently underway), emmyc’s “Limneus Stagnalis Cowl,” avidia’s “Finley Pixie Hat,” and KellyR’s “Vendange”

It’s somewhat difficult to capture a photo of this color, but the yarn photo in the top collage is pretty close. It’s a vibrant pinky/raspberry/red with little-to-no purple in it. Not a baby pink at all, although it would look adorable on a little girl (as well as a grown-up girl!).

I think it’s a perfect color for the lovely Spring weather we’re having in Virginia these days; cheery and sunny, a bit of a celebration of Spring on one’s needles.

5 thoughts on “Color Inspiration Thursday ~ Rose Kissed

  1. Wow, I really love this color! I’m one of those few people that like most shades of pink, and this is an over-the-top, luscious shade!

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