New Colors and Techniques

Colorful spaghetti

I have been having so much fun getting into different dye techniques and new projects! The above photo shows a few new colors I created last week. No colorway names yet ~ sometimes naming them is easy (when I dye a color based on something specific); other times, when I’m experimenting and playing with color it can be quite a process.

The latter process has typically involved me throwing out an idea, my friend Virginie tossing back her take on what I’ve said, and a collaboration of ideas and images until we end up with what we think is the perfect name to express not only a color, but the impressions and emotions behind it. That process is missing these days, because Virginie is recovering and healing from a truly horrific car accident in early January.

This is one of the simplest things I miss about working with Virginie. I’m a natural introvert, and I’ve always thought that I worked great alone. Usually, I do. But these past couple of months, when I’ve truly been ALONE all day, every day ~ no longer having a set schedule of when Virginie will be here to work … well. I really quite miss not only her friendship (which goes without saying), but also the interplay, the camaraderie, the having someone to bounce ideas back and forth with. And I will admit that without that set schedule, I flounder a bit. So, having new ideas and techniques to focus on has been really quite wonderful and given me some much-needed new focus and inspiration.

The source of inspiration can be so unexpected at times (in this case, the unexpected upheaval, due to Virginie’s accident, of a routine I didn’t even recognize … probably because I didn’t spend much time thinking about it. It just was, and then, tragically, it wasn’t).

A new colorway, still in the dyepot (and it’s PINK! Well, a rosy-pink. I am actually quite smitten!)

I spent some time at Virginie’s yesterday. I started reading Knitlandia to her, since she can’t read right now (due to eye injuries from the deployment of life-saving air bags). It was a wonderful escape for both of us; I had forgotten how special it can be to read to someone else and share a story that way, since it’s not something I’ve done since my children were younger and we had our night-time story ritual. We’re saving the book for our visits, something for both of us to look forward to and share.  And for this, I thank Clara even more for her stories, and her talent with words.

My Supervisors of Yarn are totally lying down on the job today. The warm sun and the wonderful dirt are just too good to pass up. They also think the sky may be falling, because I dyed pink yarn and I am imagining knitting something with it for myself. Shocking, truly.

On the colorway front, I may call on you all for some input if (more likely, when) I get stumped and need some collaborative input.

16 thoughts on “New Colors and Techniques

  1. I am a true fan of just about everything pink, with the exception of neon pink. I love the new pink colorway in the bottom photo.

    I am glad to hear that Virginie is recovering, albeit slowly. I am sure that the time you spend reading to her is very precious to her. Please continue to keep us posted on her recovery.

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  2. my chickens think i am a god! and every word i speak is magic * cause they know where the leftover come from-ha…..momma’s fridge

    tell your friend …..i so know what she’s going through….and it’s hard

    and that pink……reminds me of the inside of a sea shell like a conch

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    1. Well, yeah. Maybe they think every time I go outside I am bringing them scraps. I prefer to think they are supremely interested in what I am doing (hahaha). And, hmmm. The inside of a shell … you’ll have to see what it looks like when it’s dry and see if you still feel the same 🙂


    1. Thanks! And I will. She is feeling well enough now to be getting frustrated at not being able to DO anything (she still can’t put weight on her legs), but she’s a trooper. I’ll definitely post updates on her progress 🙂


  3. My heart goes out to Virginie; she is probably soooo tired of being injured and trying to recover, of aches and inabilities, of doctors and meds. You are a good friend to be reading to her. I’m sure she appreciates the reading and the camaraderie.

    I’m not much of a “pink” person, owing to the fact that every room in our house and the exterior were shades of pink when I was a kid. Hot pink, raspberry pink are the only version of pink I can now tolerate. Like your “rose kissed”!


    1. Yes, Virginie is feeling well enough now to be frustrated. And being home, remembering how easy it used to be to do anything and everything, has been difficult. But she’s a trooper, and good at keeping her spirits up!

      You know, come to think of it, I had a cotton-candy-pink room as a kid for a while. Maybe that’s why I’m Pink Challenged now ;-D


  4. I love the light green, but I’m really taken with the pink. I’ve always been a fan of pink, so please, keep experimenting with it! As a matter of fact, I was just gifted a skein of Nona in Whisper from a Ravelry friend and it’s so lovely and in need of just the perfect pattern!

    I love your Supervisors of Yarn; perhaps they need to have a colorway named for them??


    1. Oh, I will! I realized as I was typing this post that three of the four colors I dyed today are in the pink-red color range. Two are new; I also dyed a batch of Toile de Jouy on Sunna (and it looks lovely 😀 ).


  5. The yarn colors are fabulous of course, but I’m totally smitten with your Supervisors of Yarn picture.

    Sending healing thoughts for Virginie…


    1. And, thank you. I’m so grateful Virginie is still in this world with us (after seeing photos of her car, it seems miraculous that she is). She is healing and improving, but she has a long way to go.


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