Color Inspiration Thursday: Sugared Violets


Top: Spirit Trail Fiberworks’ Sugared Violets, Bottom, Left to Right: Dress, Sugared Violets, Nail Polish, Violets

Soft violets and purples with hints of lavender and soft blue, this colorway is reminiscent of sugared violets. A lovely color for just about any project.


Projects in STF Sugared Violets: Top: Knitshark’s CustomFit sweater, Bottom, left to right: bostoncorner’s Wild Poppies,  adverbsandetudes’ Paris for Winterbostoncorner’s Wild Poppies (again),  Editknitbooks’ Tea with Jam and Bread (with STF “The Witching Hour” & “Fresh Mint”)

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coloring inside and outside the lines, all the time.
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4 Responses to Color Inspiration Thursday: Sugared Violets

  1. stitchalong says:

    What a beautiful colorway!!!

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  2. Thought that sweater looked familiar. Then saw who’d made it.

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