Color Inspiration Thursday: Fun with Kits!

Today’s color inspiration post is a sneak peak at what’s new for the upcoming Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival, and online thereafter. Yesterday was so busy I just couldn’t get this post finished in time.

Fun things are afoot around here. I’ve been having a great time dyeing little skeins for different kits, and there are 3 kinds of kits ready ~ Gradient (all one color, dark to light), Harmony (harmonious colors but not high contrast), and Contrast (contrasting colors for colorwork projects). I’ve also dyed some kits so the colors are complimentary, for larger project options.

On Brigantia (DK weight Polwarth / Silk), I’ve done kits in sets of four 100-yard skeins. Ten different colors and kits are ready to go! Here’s a peak of a few:

The Witching Hour Gradient on Brigantia
Brigantia Contrast Kit: South Pacific, Corfu, Incendio and Natural
Muscaris Gradient on Brigantia

On Nona (lace weight Superwash Merino / Cashmere / Silk), I’ve done kits in sets of either 5 or 6 100-yard skeins. I have 11 different kit colors ready to go, and here’s a taste:

The Witching Hour Gradient on Nona, with a Pop of Key Lime
The Witching Hour Gradient on Nona, with a Pop of Crazy Pink
South Pacific Gradient on Nona
A Harmony Kit on Nona named Rose Gold, which runs from a deep rosy-burgundy color into gold and tan-gold.
Pink Sands Gradient on Nona

I still have sets of Sunna (fingering weight Superwash Merino / Cashmere / Silk) to do. These kits are fun, but it’s incredibly time-consuming to skein up all these little skeins! And also a change in gears on dyeing, since I’m used to dyeing much larger quantities at a pop than these little bits of yarn. Fun, but definitely a push to my comfort level and usual way of doing things (which is a good thing, however uncomfortable it can be).

Other new things in the works are the kettle-dyed colorways I’ve been working on, which I TOTALLY love, and some speckled colors (which I’m calling Yarnfetti because it reminds me of confetti). The speckles are the most difficult for me and my control-freak tendencies. Leaving white on yarn is downright stressful and quite uncomfortable for me! So, it’s a really good thing for me to do, I think, being an excellent way to force me out of my comfort zone and into new creative places.

Next teasers will be some of the kettle-dyed colors, and speckles! And some exciting new pattern collaborations with Anne Hanson, Laura Nelkin, Anne Podlesak and Kathleen Dames, all debuting in the next month and in my booth at Maryland Sheep & Wool!







7 thoughts on “Color Inspiration Thursday: Fun with Kits!

  1. Maybe it’s that I’m facing some life challenges, but the muted gradations of The Witching Hour, without the intrusion of any color, is what appeals to me.I hear Mick Jagger singing “Paint It Black.”

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, they totally will be! I just don’t have the manpower to do both MDSW dyeing and website dyeing at the same time right now. But, no worries, they’ll definitely be up on the website as soon as I can get them there 🙂


  3. Wow, you’ve certainly got a lot going on! I love the sets you’ve done. I need to get busy selecting a project and then a set of colors. You’ve done a great job with these colorful kits!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! It’s been fun and horizon-expanding at the same time. I didn’t post all the colors (that would have been a much-too-long post). There’s lots more 🙂


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