Color Inspiration Thursday: Whale Watch


“Whale Watch” on Spirit Trail Brigantia, whales, ocean, blues and grays

Today’s color inspiration is a teaser for a new colorway, Whale Watch, making its debut at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival next month. A blend of oceany blues and grays, the combination made me think of gray whales breaking out of the ocean depths.

For this colorway, I kettle-dyed the yarn in a soft gray, and then did a pour-over of blues, once the gray had struck the yarn. I’ve done a couple of new colorways with this method, and the results are really pretty and interesting. The colors softly flow from one to the next, over and through each other. It’s also slightly different for each different dyelot, since I never pour the blue on exactly the same way.

This is yet another example of the broadening of my dye horizons I’ve been undertaking this year. This expansion was mostly fun, and always enlightening (some other techniques have been more work, and more an exercise in letting go of my control tendencies … but more on those experiences in a future post).


“Whale Watch” on Spirit Trail Brigantia

I envision this colorway knit up in a beautiful, simple sweater pattern, something like Ysolda Teague’s new pattern, Polwarth (I so love the neck detail on this pattern!), Gnarled Oak by Alana Dakos, or Looking Back by Joji Locatelli. Or a pretty shawl, like Jane Cochran’s Honey Locust.

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