Color Inspiration Thursday: Herb Garden

Clockwise from Upper Left: “Herb Garden” on Spirit Trail Brigantia, agave plant, lovely outdoor spot, military green leather jacket, lavender plant, brocade vest

A new color for Spring and debuting at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival, “Herb Garden” is a lovely blend of soft greens with hints of gold-green and darker gray-green hues. I was shooting for the tones of lavender leaves, sage, and lichen interspersed with muted desert greens. Tones of old barns in the soft green hues of weathered paint and faded wood.

As soon as the yarn dried, I started imagining this color it paired with robin’s egg blue, pale mint green, soft aqua blue, french vanilla, salmon pink, pale orange. And of course any light gray, charcoal, sand, or oatmeal hue for a more neutral combination. It’s a really great neutral-green.

6 thoughts on “Color Inspiration Thursday: Herb Garden

  1. Lovely tones of green, my favorite color. I’ll have to put this one on my (very long) list ‘must-haves’!

    I have to say, I wish I owned both that vest and that jacket!!

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