Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival 2016 is here!

It’s almost time for the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival, which is this coming weekend, May 7-8, 2016! Spirit Trail Fiberworks will be in our usual spot, in the Main Building, Booth A30. I’ve published a number of posts over the past few weeks of what we’re bringing to the show, and thought it would be helpful to include a post with everything in one place.

So, here goes:

This year, I’ve made up a bunch of gradient and colorwork kits. I’m not sure how much or how often I’ll do these kits, as they are so much more labor intensive. They are really fun, though, and I do plan to have them available online now and again. I had a blast dyeing the gradients and playing with colors for the kits.

For MDSW, I have kits made up in Nona (lace weight sw merino / cashmere / silk), Sunna (fingering weight sw merino / cashmere / silk) and Brigantia (DK weight Polwarth / Silk).

Here are just a few sneak peaks of the colors:














I have a bunch more, just ran out of time to take photos!

In addition to the kits, I have a slew of new colorways which I’ve dyed on all my regular yarn bases. This year, I’ve branched out in my dye techniques, and have created a bunch of really great kettle-dyed colorway. I’ve also had fun creating some speckle dyed colorways, too.

Unfortunately, I’m sorry to say I did not get photos taken of the kettle dyed or speckles before I packed them up (hurrying to get stuff finished and in the trailer because of all the rain we’ve had this week). So, stop by the booth to check them out! 😀

We’ll have free pattern coupons with yarn purchase for four new patterns, all designed in Spirit Trail Fiberworks yarns:

La Jefa Sweater by Laura Nelkin

La Jefa Sweater by Laura Nelkin of Nelkin Designs, knit in Spirit Trail Nona


Pothos, by Anne Hanson, knit in Spirit Trail Nona


Datura, by Ann Podlesak, knit in Spirit Trail Sunna


Patchwork Princess, by Kathleen Dames, knit in Spirit Trail Brigantia

We’ll also have free Custom Fit coupons for Amy Herzog’s website (I love her site and this program so much!) with the purchase of yarn for sweaters. If you haven’t checked out Amy website and this awesome sweater-fitting program, I highly recommend it.

All coupons are available while supplies last :-).

And we’ll have some rare and endangered breed spinning fibers, in natural colored roving (CVM, Shetland, Hog Island, Gulf Coast, Black Welsh Mountain, and others).

Lastly, Clara sent me a bunch of copies of her book, Knitlandia, which will be available for sale in the Spirit Trail Booth all weekend. Clara will be at MDSW on Saturday only, and will be on the grassy slope outside of the Main Exhibition Hall at 1:00 pm (this is the left side of the building when you’re standing at the front entrance, facing the building), to sign books, meet and greet. She’ll be meandering around the fairgrounds for the day on Saturday as well, so if you don’t make it to the meet up you might spot her out and about.

Oh! We’ll also have Crazy Lanea‘s awesome project bags on sale in the booth on Saturday (Amy may not be at the festival on Sunday). These are great project bags!

We look forward to seeing you at the Festival!!




2 thoughts on “Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival 2016 is here!

  1. What’s *not* to like? Beautiful colorways! Knitlandia! Custom Fit! Oh, where’s my “Envy” button for all the folks who can go to MDS&W?

    Liked by 1 person

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