Color Inspiration Thursday

Where do I find inspiration for my colors? This was a question asked of me quite a few times over the course of the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. The answer is: everywhere and anywhere, really.

It can come from simple things, like the flowers in my garden.


Bearded Iris in my garden



Flowers at my front door

It can come from the mood I’m in, if I’m leaning more towards muted and muddy, or brighter and more clear, or softer and more pastel.

It can come from seeing an image, and getting those colors stuck in my head. It may sound weird (it probably does) but sometimes I find myself nearly obsessively thinking about an image or color I’ve seen and I can’t get that image and those colors out of my head until they’re down on yarn. I call these my Spirit Trail moments: I’m somewhat stuck, and can’t move on, until I process what’s there. Then I feel freed to be open to the next inspiration that strikes.

The photo that has been the wallpaper on my computer for the past couple of years was one of those Moments:


The Ring of Brodgar, National Geographic (SO many great photos over at National Geographic. Of course).

The Ring of Brodgar has been one of my most popular colorways. Every so often I’ll try to change the wallpaper on my computer, but I almost always go back to this amazing image. It still stuns me every day, and makes me happy when I see it.


From the Kings Villages Instagram feed, a village in Alsace, France. This is an amazing feed, gorgeous photos

I follow many accounts on Instagram that are filled with beautiful travel and nature photos. My Pinterest feed is filled with inspiring images of stained glass, mosaic, nature, paintings, and more. And I follow some gorgeous pages on Facebook, too. Like Shetland on Camera. Ooh la la. I want to live in just about every image shared on that page.


Cool Door, not sure where I found it

Sometimes I go in search of inspiration. Other times, it finds me.


Rappahannock County, VA

Inspiration can come from the mundane, or the exquisite. One needs only be open to it, and ready for it, when it strikes.


Where the bear lives in our woods ~ the Mountain Laurel thicket


My “front yard”

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