Color Inspiration Thursday: Colors & Kits


“Muscaris” with “Celestial” Gradient, on Brigantia

We’re in the process of updating inventory after the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival, and as I was photographing the yarns and kits I have to load to the website, I started thinking about all the different possibilities there are with kits.

One that keeps coming to mind is pairing a kit (or kits!) with a complimentary main color for colorwork projects ~ fair isle or Icelandic styles of sweaters, a solid-colored sweater with accent stripes, a shawl with stripes or colored patterns and, of course, colorwork hats and mittens.

The combination of Muscaris, a deep, rich purple with blue undertones, and the Celestial gradient, a lighter, softer blue with lavender undertones, seems just about perfect. With Brigantia skeins being a minimum of 600 yards (most are closer to 700) and the kits at 400 yards (100 yards each of 4 colors), even one skein and one kit are enough yarn for a good-sized project.

What would you make with this combination? (and yes, both will be up on my website soon!).


“Muscaris” with “Celestial” Gradient, on Brigantia

2 thoughts on “Color Inspiration Thursday: Colors & Kits

  1. i keep looking at asymmetrical shawls with odd angles, sort of a weird skewed triangle or rectangle with the wider end a different color…..and possibly a third color for a border on one side only
    *and the body striped!

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