Project Update: Vivian

Knitting continues on my Vivian top, designed by Jennifer Wood.

Yarn: Sunna, Colorway: Zeus


I really love the design of this top, but I have to admit the 1×1 rib is kicking my butt. For whatever reason, it’s made the tendonitis in my elbow flare up (I think I have Dyer’s Elbow) so it’s now a bit more slow-going than I’d like.

Still, I’m happy with how it’s turning out so far and, since it’s sleeveless, I’m still hopeful I’ll finish it by June 6 (my self-imposed deadline because I’d like to wear it to TNNA!).

I’m now in the process of updating my website. I’ve taken new photos of everything I have in stock, since I’ve taken a few photography classes recently and my photo skills are vastly improved (I hope. I do think the new photos look great, and are very true to color, at least on my monitor). SO, all new photos have been taken, and inventory counted. I’m now in the process of editing and adjusting the photos, and then uploading everything to the website (the Sunna page is updated, if you’re interested in checking it out ~ and check it out, there are BIG photos on the site now, too; just click on the “Larger Photo” link for each color).

I’ve also just this afternoon opened my Spirit Trail Etsy Shop and added a bunch of gradient and colorwork kits. After much thought (and some angst), I decided it would be easier to load and keep track of specials, OOAK’s and limited editions if I put them somewhere else. But don’t worry, there’s a direct link on my website to the Etsy store (just click on Limited Editions).

4 thoughts on “Project Update: Vivian

    1. Thanks! I’m going to (hopefully, it this isn’t a pre-set size) make the thumbnail photos on the main page a bit larger. And yeah, stupid elbow. It flares up every so often (after being really quite bad for about a year, when I didn’t knit much at all. It was an either / or scenario: either knit, or dye, but not both. So, dyeing won! Hoping I don’t have to go that route again 😦 ).


    1. You’re welcome! 😀 (it’s taking me a little time to figure out all the nuances of my new website platform … one of these days I’ll have it all down 🙂 ).


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