Finished! Vivian & What’s Up Next


I finished my Vivian top just in the nick of time last night. I signed up for Shannon‘s Tops, Tanks & Tees KAL (my first ever knitalong, EVER). Lucky for me, Shannon opted to extend the deadline to June 10, and I made it!

Vivian, designed by Jennifer Wood, knit in Spirit Trail Sunna in the “Zeus” colorway

Which I’m rather happy about. I’m one for one on KAL’s! (haha)

I’m also excessively pleased because I had my own firm deadline. I wanted to finish this top so I could wear it to my first-ever TNNA. I leave today for the convention, which is being held in my hometown of Washington, DC.

I love the lace details at the bottom the front.

Last night I was binding off at 12:30 am and steam-blocking at 1:00 am, but it’s done and I love it!

and the back.

I really enjoyed knitting this top, and I love the design. I knitted a size 37″ and started with 4 skeins of Sunna, I ended up with one full skein and various bits of the other three (enough to do something else with for sure). I alternated every other row in the round to make sure the colors mixed together well.


I’m not presentable enough to take a photo of myself modeling at the moment, being in the midst of packing, so this will have to do for now. I love the drapey neckline so much!

Next up for me is a new pattern published last week, The Rain Outside, by Silvia Bo Bilvia. I’ve been eyeing the first pattern in this series since she published it, but I love this new pattern so much it immediately bypassed Waiting for Rain in my queue. It’s in DK weight, too, which makes me very happy after knitting Vivian in fingering.

I pulled out several color possibilities to ponder this morning (this is coming with me to TNNA, so I have about 30 minutes to decide which I’m going to go with and get the  yarn ready to go).

Left to right, top to bottom: Spirit Trail Birte in Roussillon & Fresh Tomato, Roussillon & Afterglow, Roussillon & Spanish Tile, Graphite & Mediterranean, Graphite & Pink Sands, and Graphite & Aquarius

I really love the Roussillon and Afterglow combination, but the options with Graphite are definitely speaking more to me than the more earthy Roussillon options at the moment, although I typically love earthy oranges and reds.

I’m definitely leaning towards either Graphite with Pink Sands (which I’ve had my eye on every since I dyed it before MDSW):


or Graphite with Aquarius:


I like the higher contrast in these two colors better than the softer contrast of Mediterranean.

I love gray with pink and gray with aqua both so much that it’s a really tough decision!!

And now, while pondering my yarn options, I’m off to TNNA for the weekend to take some classes, visit the market, meet up with friends and meet new people in the knitting world. And revel in being back in my hometown of Washington, DC for the weekend.

Happy Weekend! Hope you have something fun planned!

3 thoughts on “Finished! Vivian & What’s Up Next

  1. congrats on meeting the KAL deadline, your tank is gorgeous!! And I totally vote for the colour combo that has the pink sands, but hey, I’m biased. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I did end up with Pink Sands, too! It was a really tough decision, but I kept going back to it. And it’s looking really great (although I might have to knit another 😀 ).


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