Project Update: The Rain Outside, and TNNA!

After hemming and hawing about what colors to use, I finally decided and started my new shawl, Sylvia Bo Bilvia’s The Rain Outside, while at TNNA this past weekend.

The Final Winner: Spirit Trail Birte in Graphite and Pink Sands

I made some progress while at the show, during classes when I wasn’t taking notes, and a wee bit in the evenings.

Good light in my hotel room window
Terrible light in the Convention Center classroom 

The best thing about TNNA was having the opportunity to actually relax and talk with people while I wasn’t actually working (which is always the case at MDSW and NYSW). I had the great fortune to share meals with several of my favorite designers, as well as meet others I’ve admired from afar.

I returned home late Sunday evening, tired but really excited about the people I met, things I learned, and new experiences I had at TNNA. It’s quite a different universe than the one I typically inhabit, in some ways more similar to my tenure in commercial real estate than to my every day life and work now. But it was fun, and I look forward to attending again.

The results from my meetings at TNNA will reveal themselves in the coming months: new collaborations with designers with whom I’ve worked before, and hopefully some new collaborations, too. And, I found some potential new bases in the TNNA market, which I’ll be doing some test-dyeing with in the coming months.

Teaser: a few of the possible new bases I fondled at TNNA. That little snip of chunky merino / cashmere? O.M.G. it’s UNBELIEVABLE!

My most favorite booth at the show, aside from the unexpected vendors carrying undyed yarns, was Dusty’s Vintage Buttons. Oh my gosh. The buttons she had! Victorian, early 20th century, wood, bakelite, metal, every color in the rainbow and more.

Dusty was a new vendor at Maryland Sheep & Wool this year, located in the lower outside vendor area (she’s not even in the program she was such a late addition) and has been trying to get into New York for a couple of years (I hope she gets in; her buttons are fantastic!!). If you’d like to see Dusty at NYSW, drop the vendor committee a note at and let them know. I think feedback from festival goers can be helpful sometimes (as long as it’s nice phrased and kindly written 🙂 ) in determining new vendors, especially somewhat funky and unusual ones like Dusty.

Buttons from Dusty: the two sets on the left are from the 1920’s or 30’s and the rest are all Victorian, mid-to-late-1800’s. Check out my Instagram feed for a few close ups of my favorite purchases. They’re all amazing, and I’m going to be planning sweaters around these treasures.

I’ve made some progress on my shawl since I’ve been home: I would be further along, but knitting short rows and lace very late in the evening, after an action-packed weekend, is really not a great idea. I had to rip and reknit the second lace section due to my own dumbassery, but all is well now and I’m forging ahead.


Back to work, and knitting!



3 thoughts on “Project Update: The Rain Outside, and TNNA!

  1. Ooh, now I need to think about ways to co bi e my stashed Birte for one of these…lovely, lovely work! And the buttons are definitely to die for.

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