Color Inspiration Thursday: Horseshoe Bay

Horseshoe Bay on Spirit Trail Birte

Horseshoe Bay is a brand new colorway at Spirit Trail Fiberworks, coming soon to the shop (sign up for our email newsletter to receive notices of shop updates and other news).

Clockwise from Upper Left: Horseshoe Bay on Spirit Trail BirteGrecian Blue; Mushroom; Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda; Hand-dyed Blue; Bermuda

I love this new colorway, it’s clear and vibrant without being too intense, light enough to show off stitchwork really well but dark enough that it’s not pastel. I envision the varying hues of Carribbean waters in sunlight, like the waters off Bermuda and other tropical islands.


I think cables would look fantastic in this colorway!

6 thoughts on “Color Inspiration Thursday: Horseshoe Bay

  1. I see that color and I think of Greece. It reminds me of the cupola atop a church on Santorini. I’ve only seen photos of this church, but the blue is so vibrant.

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