Project Update: The Rain Outside

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I finished knitting shawl, The Rain Outside (designed by Sylvia Bo Bilvia), this morning, and really love it! It was so much fun to knit! Now, it just needs a nice bath and a good blocking. I’ll show it off more once that’s done.

This pattern is a great one for road trips, watching kids play sports, and other activities where you’d like to knit but can’t deal with an overly complicated stitch pattern or design. “The Rain Outside” has just enough to keep it fun and interesting, but not so much that it requires one’s full attention or concentration. I knit this while in class and in the evenings at TNNA, and watching TV, and on a road trip to drop our daughter, Caragh, at camp this past weekend.

I’m already making plans for knitting projects for this Fall, when Caragh will start playing in a travel soccer league and I’ll be finding myself at day-long tournaments, staying in hotel rooms, and other locations not always conducive to fractured attention.Waiting for Rain, also by Sylvia Bo Bilvia, and Party on My Needles, by Joji Locatelli, are definitely on my list of potentials for this Fall, as is Edradour, by Thea Colman and perhaps Love Lane by my good friend, Jane Cochran. And I’m thinking I can at least get the body and sleeves done for a North Shore Pullover by Tin Can Knits (although I might modify this to a cardigan, and steek it). I’ve been eyeing this sweater for quite some time, and think it might be my 2016 Rhinebeck Sweater.

Next up for me, however, is a baby sweater for a little girl born a few weeks ago. Still deciding on the pattern.

Full disclosure: I made a few small errors while I was knitting The Rain Outside.

First: even though I *thought* I was keeping my edge stitches loose enough, I was not. So, the increase edge is a bit tight for the first portion of the shawl. I think once the yarn relaxes when it’s wet, I’ll be able to block it out fine and, with the silk  and superwash merino in Birte, it should stay blocked.


Second: somehow I ended up with more stitches on my needles at the 5th part than I should have. I think I knit more rows in between the lace insert panels than called for in the pattern. At the time, I thought, eh, big deal. WELL. It was rather a big deal because I ran out of yarn about 2 inches from the end of my lace-edged cast off.


I did not want to rip out this cast-off edge and at least one row of knitting. Not being one who rips out knitting unless there is no other choice, I found some gray Birte in my leftovers and used that. It’s not a perfect match, but it’s at the very end and I don’t really mind it. So, it’s staying. And my shawl is a bit longer than planned. But that’s okay, too.

If knit correctly, this shawl takes almost an entire skein of the contrast color (mine is Pink Sands, and I used all but a few yards of it) and would use all of two skeins of the main color (mine is Graphite ~ note, this is not a link to Graphite as I am out of stock at the moment, but another color I think would be lovely). So, if you decide to knit it, and find yourself with too many stitches at some point, I recommend you rip back and correct it. Unless you’re a knitter like I am and would rather roll with unexpected complications than rip your knitting.


This outlook I have about knitting sometimes surprises me, because I am just a bit of a control freak and not exactly spontaneous in most areas of my life. Knitting is one of the areas where I’ve learned to adjust, compromise and move on. Which is probably a good lesson for the rest of my life. I should work on learning it.




6 thoughts on “Project Update: The Rain Outside

  1. I am a reformed perfectionist. Now when I don’t follow the pattern exactly, it’s ok. That way it’s obvious that it is a “creative”hand knit. I agree with you, Jen on the color pink. But I love the color combo of the Rain Outside. By chance, are you coming to Vogue Knitting Live in Minneapolis?

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    1. Yes, Reformed Perfectionist is just the right description :-). No, unfortunately I’m not doing VK Live. I’ll be at NYSW (not that this helps if you’re not going), but at this point I’m only doing New York Sheep & Wool and Maryland Sheep & Wool. Not sure about future shows; my studio is keeping me pretty busy at this point.


  2. When my stitch counts don’t match up with a pattern, I call it “pattern revision” and say that I’m adding my unique touch. Which is why the current pair of socks I’m knitting are fraternal twins 😉

    There are folks who pride themselves on how fast they knit. Not me. I enjoy the process – if I don’t, I don’t knit the item. If I don’t like the yarn, I sell it or donate it.

    Don’t beat yourself up. There are others in the world who are only too willing to do that.

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    1. Oh, I am ALL about fudging. Which makes me laugh because I am such a perfectionist so much of the time! Maybe I’m just lazy when it comes to my knitting 😉


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