Color Inspiration Thursday: Projects

With all that’s going on these days with my new studio space, I didn’t have a chance to put together a Color Inspiration post. So, instead, here are a few photos of my most recent projects, to hopefully inspire you :-).

Seamless Kimono is an adorable baby sweater designed by Carina Spencer. I knit a 12 month size with about 1.5 skeins of Spirit Trail Verdande in Purple Peacock (the color showing on that link is accurate; above is not so much … so hard to photograph this colorway!), and a tiny little bit of Verdande in either Malachite or Beach Glass (like, perhaps 25 yards or so?). It was a bit left over from some other project or booth sample, and I didn’t mark it.

This sweater was such a quick, easy, fun knit! Talk about nearly instant gratification. Carina has designed it in multiple sizes and with multiple choices in detailing. I chose the simplest version because I wasn’t sure how much of the blue / green I had for the trim and didn’t want to run out.

It took me less than 3 evenings to knit this sweater, which is a gift for one of my husband’s clients who just welcomed their first grand child, a little girl, to the world.


Spirit Trail Zalti

Next up for me is a new sweater, which I’ll be knitting in Spirit Trail Zalti in Vortex (the light gray) with Spice Road. I’m planning to knit Sundottir by Dianna Walla. As Dianna describes on the Brooklyn Tweed pattern page, “I’ve long been enthralled by the beautiful knitting traditions of the different Nordic countries, and a few years ago I decided to knit myself a pullover inspired by two-color Norwegian sweaters, but with a stranded Icelandic round yoke.”

I love colorwork, and I love the design and look of Icelandic sweaters. And I really love colorwork using one tonal solid and a variegated colorway for the pattern. So, that’s what I’m going to do for my sweater ~ Vortex for the body, and Spice Road for the patterned yoke.

This sweater seems like it’s going to be quick and easy ~ worsted weight yarn = nearly instant gratification, and a well-written pattern. I started a sleeve last night and my only issue is that it doesn’t seem like it’s lining up with the gauge of my swatch (which I stupidly didn’t measure before I soaked and blocked it. DUH). So, I am thinking I will soldier on for a bit with the sleeve, then temporarily bind off, measure, soak and block … and see where I end up.

It’s designed as a fitted sweater, which is part of what I really love about the pattern. So I don’t want it to be too big!

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