Project Update: Sundottir



We headed to the Outer Banks last week for a beach vacation, and I brought my Sundottir sweater along for the trip.


Our view of Roanoke Sound from the deck of our condo in Manteo, NC. Beautiful view + my favorite gin + knitting = WIN


Before leaving, I had finished one sleeve and most of the other, and started the body of the sweater when we arrived at the beach. I really like knitting sweaters in the traditional bottom-up, in-the-round method. It gets the boring stuff done first and then, at the end, you’re left with the fun: the Icelandic-style colorwork yoke. And barely any finishing required, but for kitchenering the under arms closed. While I know seams can be good and very beneficial to a sweater’s structure, I have to admit I really like not having seams to sew up. And Zalti is a structured enough yarn that it’s not prone to sagging or otherwise misbehaving without seams.


Day One on the Beach


I made really great progress on the sweater over the course of the week. Lots of beach knitting, and I joined the sleeves to the body the night before we headed to Ocracoke Island for the day on Thursday.

I knit some on the drive and ferry to Ocracoke, and continued on Friday at the beach. By Friday evening, I had finished the colorwork chart and was at the top edge, with Spice Road on my needles. The only problem was, I should have had Vortex on my needles. I looked at the pattern. I looked at my knitting. And realized that, after Row 1, I had flipped the colors on the chart and knitted it backwards. This happened on the ferry to Ocracoke, because that’s when I picked up after finishing Row 1 in the car.

Had I been paying attention, I would have remembered that I was knitting my sweater opposite to the design (mine is light gray with dark colorwork; the pattern is dark brown with light gray colorwork). I was obviously too smitten with the views from the ferry, and completely forgot that the dark squares on the chart were actually my light color. DOH!

It didn’t look BAD, it just wasn’t right. I had a couple of choices: I could continue on and make the neck and bind off in Spice Road. I could switch back to gray and have a dividing line between the colorwork yoke and the neckline. Or I could rip it back to Row 1 and do it right.

Friday night after this realization, I packed it up in my knitting bag, decided to ignore it until I got home, and enjoyed my last vacation Hendricks & Tonic.

Saturday night at home I pulled it out, looked at it some more, and knew I would not be happy with it as I had knitted it. So, I ripped it back and started over again.

FullSizeRender (1)

Back to Row 1 of the chart



Sunday night’s progress!

And it’s looking good! I really wanted to finish it last night, but at 12:30 am I still had several rows of ribbing at the neck to finish as well as kitchenering the under arms and sewing in some ends. So, I called it a night knowing that if I continued on I’d make some other stupid mistake. But I’ll finish it tonight!


All’s well that ends well, right? Sometimes the only choice is to rip and reknit.

Wrong is on the left, right is on the right. It’s hard to tell the difference between these two photos since I’m not as far along in the right photo, but look at the first bit ~ left side has a diamond shape, right side has dots with a different pattern above. It’s way better the right way!

8 thoughts on “Project Update: Sundottir

    • I like it so much better, too! Thanks! 😀 All I have left to do now is the kitchener stitch under the arms. Then blocking, and I’ll photograph it!


    • Thanks! It’s so much better the right way, though :-). I just have to kitchener stitch the under arms and get it blocked. It’s a perfect fit, too, woohoo!


    • It was! And no rain this year, unlike last year (it rained over half the week we were there last year, so we deserved this perfect week, right? 😀 ).


    • I love these two colors together, and using variegated yarn for colorwork is one of my favorite things. Stay tuned ~ it’s all down but for the kitchener stitching, then blocking, and I’ll post final photos. It’s fabulous 😀


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