Color Inspiration Thursday: Scarlett (and a Giveaway!)

Deborah Grisorio is the random winner of the skein of Sunna in Scarlett! Thanks, everyone, for playing along! I’ll be dyeing Scarlett on several different bases in the very near future, and loading them to the shop. Stay tuned!


Clockwise from upper left: Spirit Trail “Eir” in Scarlett, Telephone Booth, Red Door, Hot Stiletto, Umbrellas, Woman in Red

Scarlett is one of the first colorways I created when I started dyeing repeatable colors, and it continues to be one of my favorites, as well as a perennial customer favorite.

It is truly the perfect red: clear, rich, vibrant, intense, and truly red: fire engine, sexy nail polish, stunning lipstick. It’s the killer red dress which draws every eye to the confident woman wearing it. It’s the splash of holly berries against bright white snow. Neither too orange nor too blue, not one bit muddy or subdued. It’s not subtle. It’s in-you-face RED.

And to celebrate it’s perfection, I’m giving away one glorious skein of the perfect red on the perfect yarn: Scarlett on Sunna, my fingering weight superwash merino / cashmere / silk blend yarn (also a huge customer favorite). This yarn, quite simply, glows.

My imagination runs wild with the potential this simple skein of yarn holds.

Scarlett_Close (1 of 1)

Scarlett on Sunna!

If you’d love to have this skein of yarn, post a comment on this blog post and tell me what you think you’d make with it. I’ll pick a random winner on Tuesday, July 26, 2016!

P.S.  I’ll be dyeing Scarlett on several bases in the very near future and loading it to my website … unfortunately this is a bit of tease, as I didn’t realized I had none at all available on the site!


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52 Responses to Color Inspiration Thursday: Scarlett (and a Giveaway!)

  1. Judy Malone says:

    Wow! This is such a great color to chase away the gray of winter! I would knit Coco Knits’ Lulu and revel in the color every time I put it on!


  2. rosmarina says:

    Too late to comment? Such a gorgeous red!

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  3. Kat says:

    I’d most likely make a pair of fingerless mitts with it, but it would also make a great scarf – either alone or paired with a pretty gray. So it would be a tough choice!

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  4. Robin in VA says:

    Beautiful! I’d have to make a cowl….maybe with a “heart” motif!!

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  5. Jodie ptolemy says:

    Perfect colour and luscious feel for an adorable little Cape for my darling strawberry blonde granddaughter Penny! It’s beautiful…job well done!

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  6. I’m in love with Scarlet! I love to wear red year around.

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  7. treadles says:

    Everyone should have a pair of scarlet hand warmers! That’s what I long for. Gorgeous red!

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  8. treadles says:

    Gorgeous!!! Everyone should have a pair of scarlet hand warmers. That’s what I long for.

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  9. Susie Collins says:

    I LOVE the color!

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  10. Deborah Grisorio says:

    A true red! Sexy and gorgeous! Me want!

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  11. Anne says:

    I would love to make a scarf to wear on the playground this winter. Richmond is windy and cold.

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  12. Love the color! I’ll make a scarf to keep me warm and brighten up the looooong Minnesota winters.

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  13. Beth says:

    Merino, cashmere, silk…yum!
    Something with cables.

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  14. Rachel says:

    This would make beautiful cabled fingerless mitts!

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  15. Monica says:

    I would knit up something lacy. A cowl or scarf!

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  16. Susan says:

    A scarf and perhaps some cabled gloves

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  17. teabird says:

    Definitely a Hamsa scarf, knitted – the color would show the design so beautifully!

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  18. ikkinlala says:

    That is so gorgeous! I would use it for a pair of gloves.

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  19. Leslie F says:

    Nothing like a brilliant red to brighten a day.

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  20. Gloria Ross says:

    A red cowl to chase away the winter blues. Nothing cheerier than scarlet!


  21. Kendra Williams says:

    A baby sweater for the new little granddaughter of a close friend. They are Vietnamese and red is a lucky color. ALSO MY favorite color!

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  22. Stephanie Grant says:


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  23. Anne says:

    I’d knit Romi Hill’s new Latticework shawl with that beautiful, beautiful red.

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  24. llmcguire38 says:

    A cowl, definitely a very sexy cowl! Maybe Persimmon, the long version to wrap around your neck in the cold of Winter.

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  25. Anna says:

    If I am picked, I would buy extra and knit Margot in it. Thank you for the chance, Jennifer!

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  26. Donna says:

    Such a pretty red! I think I’d go for a lacy cowl.

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  27. stitchalongj says:

    I am a true fan of RED, especially the clear reds, I can see this beautiful scarlet Sunna as a very lacy shrug.

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  28. Oh my goodness! This yarn is so gorgeous. I’d love to make a lacy cowl from it!

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  29. CINDY says:

    Beautiful color. I’d like to make a shawl, maybe a Renya

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  30. Loretta says:

    Love that red!! I would make a shawl to go out with on my birthday with my man of 40 years!!

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  31. Michele M. says:

    What an amazing color! I could see it knitted up as a cowl or a shawlette with beads – perhaps the Age of Brass and Steam shawl. It would look stunning in that colorway!


  32. Vivian Huddle says:

    I would love to make a scarf out of this yarn. The Sunna is one of my favorites and I love this rich red color. It would make a lovely scarf.


  33. Suzanne says:

    I think I’d make a pair of mittens or a cozy cowl.


  34. Michele Welk says:

    I would use Scarlett to make a lacy cowlette


  35. Michele Welk says:

    I would use Scarlet for a cute lacy cowlette

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  36. Charlotte Broussard says:

    A shawl for Christmas.

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  37. Connie Cox says:

    Red is my color. A nice soft cowl to wear with my black winter coat.

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  38. Connie Cox says:

    Red is my color. A really soft cowl to go with my black winter coat.

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  39. Terri says:

    Love the richness of that color. Fingerless mitts would show it off nicely.

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  40. Ann Nelson says:

    My favorite color! I envision a new scarf for this winter.

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  41. rinabina814 says:

    It’s so gorgeous I wouldn’t want to cover it up! I’d do a cowl or gloves so everyone could see how well it matched my winter gear.

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  42. Stephanie Bograd says:

    Cowl or fingerless mitts.

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  43. sophy0075 says:

    Why should only grown-up Scarletts have all the fun with Scarlett? I’d knit a Wee Liesl, and find a baby girl to enjoy it!

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  44. mimers66 says:

    This would look so stunning with a black wool coat. I would make mitts and a ear band to match. I imagine this with some traveling twisted stitches. Oh so gorgeous!

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  45. Moira says:

    I love the scarlet color, and the Sunna base!
    I am thinking Fucus Asparagoides from Hunter Hammersen’s Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet III!

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  46. basicknits says:

    It’s beautiful!

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  47. Linda says:

    I’d knit Herald by Janina Kallio with that beautiful yarn!!

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  48. Debbie VanDerMolen says:

    Great color! I have a black winter coat, and a bright red scarf knit with Scarlett Sunna would be beautiful and cozy this winter.

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  49. vi says:

    ahem……. a shawlette……. omg i love that color (with beads on it too)

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  50. vi says:

    ok THAT is my color red…… to die for

    i love it

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