What to Knit Next?

It’s always the question as I get close to finishing a project. What will be next? And, even though it’s only the end of July and there’s plenty of summer left here in Virginia, I’m already looking forward to Fall and knitting some new sweaters and accessories.

I have a whole bunch of patterns and yarns pulled together; actually, more than I normally do. And over the next couple of posts, I’ll highlight them here on the blog.

I think I have so much actually organized now because I foresee a lot of knitting in my future as I travel to soccer tournaments. Our daughter joined a travel soccer league this year, and we’ll be traveling to tournaments in Richmond, and as far away as North Carolina, over the course of the season (which I don’t even know the length or schedule for yet). But, I imagine I’ll be sitting around a lot between games, and this will be perfect to get some knitting in, I think!

First project pairing:

I have loved North Shore since Tin Can Knits first published it in 2012, but it’s never made it to the top of the list. Now it definitely is!


North Shore, by Tin Can Knits (photo borrowed from the Ravelry pattern page, linked)

I’m going to knit North Shore in Spirit Trail Brigantia:


Spirit Trail Brigantia in (clockwise from upper left): Balsam Fir, Au Naturel, Afterglow, Midnight Rendezvous (I think), and Ebb & Flow

Midnight Rendezvous will be the body, with Au Naturel for the mountains, Ebb & Flow for the water, Balsam Fir for the trees, and Afterglow for behind the trees (like a sunset?). The only color I’m not completely sold on is Afterglow. I’m wondering if Vortex, a light gray, might be better.

What do you think?

I’m swatching for North Shore now, but think I’ll hold off to start until Shannon’s Summer Sweater KAL starts up in a few weeks. North Shore may be my stay-at-home project, as least once I get to the colorwork yoke, because that’s a lot of yarn to carry around!

This pattern would actually work great with one of the Brigantia kits I put together, plus several skeins for the body and one other color. If I hadn’t already put these full skeins together for a colorwork project over the past couple of years (leftovers from booth sample knits and club yarns, mostly) I’d probably grab a kit instead, since the pattern calls for 100 yards each of 3 colors, 300 yards (half a skein) for another and 1,200 yards for the body (two skeins). So, I’ll have a lot of yarn left over from 4 of the 5 colors. Probably even enough for a striped sweater or some other large project.

Another project I’ve put in the line up is:

Mitten kits from Riihivilla. My friend Clara wrote a review of Leena and her yarns several years ago in her Knitter’s Review newsletter and I was completely taken with the yarns and Leena’s story and dye methods, and purchased 3 kits (two for me, one to knit a gift for my Mom).

I knit this kit, appropriately named “Autumn Fire,” for myself as soon as the kits arrived:


My mittens ~ love them and they’re my go-to mittens nearly every time! The Finn wool wears so well, too.

I purchased two other kits as well, the Spruce Mitten Kit and the Red Tulip Mitten Kit:

I’m going to knit the Tulip Mittens for my Mom, as a surprise gift. She’s been helping me so much this year (more than usual, which is actually quite a lot) since my friend Virginie was in an accident and unable to work. So, I want to do something nice for her and, even though she’s a knitter herself, I know she’d love these mittens (so, if you know my Mom, don’t mention this! It’s a surprise).

Do you plan your knitting projects ahead like this, or go with the flow?

And, hey, don’t forget about the giveaway going on in the post previous to this one, for a beautiful skein of Sunna (sw merino / cashmere / silk) in “Scarlett.” I’ll be drawing a random winner on Tuesday! 😀




2 thoughts on “What to Knit Next?

  1. I think the afterglow will be gorgeous (I love the color in that). Not so much of a planner. If it weren’t for your club, I’d only be knitting from stash, but someday, when I’m retired, I won’t have to buy much yarn!

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  2. i’m leaning towards rectangular scarves…in tweed…… and some cabling
    i don’t know why them lately
    or very long crescent shaped shawlettes…… in bright colors with beads…
    although i really need to knit a few presents

    Liked by 1 person

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