What’s Next, Part Two

The next pairings planned in my Queue are two shawls I think will be great projects for all the travel-soccer tournaments and practices I’ll be attending with my daughter this coming season. For this kind of knitting, you need projects that are not too complicated and not too cumbersome (trying to haul around a sweater’s worth of yarn can be a hassle). At the same time, I don’t want to knit anything boring or redundant, or so simple it just feels like a slog.

I’ve picked two I think fit the bill perfectly. The first is:

Swoop, by Romi Hill (photo borrowed from her Ravelry pattern page, linked)
Swoop by Romi Hill. It’s such a pretty shawl! I purchase a kit from my friend Jeanie DeCoster at TNNA, with her beautiful merino/silk yarn, Civility, in a gorgeous oceany-blue named St. Lucia and a fabulous chartreuse green named Kiwi:

Jeanie’s beautiful yarn
Jeanie thought I was silly to be buying her yarn, when I have my own. And, honestly, there are not that many yarns out there I would buy, since I do indeed have my own and I love them all. But sometimes you come across a yarn or a color that you just love, and have to have. This kit was definitely one of those times (there’s another in the line up,the Riihiviila mitten kit from the previous post).

Anyway, I think this will be a great soccer-tournament-knitting project, because it’s fun but not too complicated, so less chance of losing my place in the pattern.

I love all the elegant shawls being designed these days, with stripes, gradients, short rows and other techniques. They’re so versatile, and fun to knit.


The last project pairing on my list for this Fall (so far!) is:

Waiting for Rain by Softsweater Knits (photo borrowed from her Ravelry pattern page, linked)
I really enjoyed knitting Sylvia’s pattern The Rain Outside and immediately started looking at this pattern. I decided to knit it with two separate gradient kits in Sunna, Orchid Oasis and The Witching Hour. My plan is to use the gray for the body and the magenta for the lace inserts, starting with the darkest gray in The Witching Hour and the lightest magenta in Orchid Oasis, and having them cross so that I’m ending with the lightest gray and darkest magenta.

Spirit Trail Gradients in Orchid Oasis and The Witching Hour
This is another one which will be great for soccer-tournament-travel knitting ~ I plan to put each different color in a separate baggie, labeled with its number in the gradient scheme so I can easily tell which I should be using next. I can’t wait to see how these two gradients knit up in this pattern.

So, what are you knitting now, and what’s next?

PS One more day  until the Sunna in Scarlett give away! See the post below for details!

3 thoughts on “What’s Next, Part Two

  1. i been looking at a sort of denim blue and a sort of warmish straw color combination lately
    oh and a brilliant magenta and in your face yellow combination
    for something for my fall jacket

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