Project Update: North Shore, and KAL’s

Colors for my North Shore Pullover: Balsam Fir, Au Naturel, Afterglow, Cyclone (I think?), Corfu (or, maybe Ebb & Flow?) … I should write things down!

I find myself being much more of a Joiner of Things this year than I have in the past. I participated in my first KAL this summer, So Very Shannon‘s Tops, Tanks, and Tees KAL, where I started and finished my Vivian tank (which I love! It’s amazing knit in STF Nona. Success!

Now, I’ve joined Shannon’s Summer Sweater KAL (which I’m also sponsoring), and the 2016 Ravellenic Games, AND Tin Can Knits’ Paintbox KAL, all for the first time. The Ravellenic deadline is, of course, the end of the closing ceremonies on August 21. The Paintbox deadline is September 8, and Shannon’s deadline is September 10, but I’m shooting for August 21! We’ll see how that goes.

I’m knitting North Shore by Tin Can Knits, one of the projects in my What I’m Knitting Next queue. Cast on on August 5, late into the Olympic Opening Ceremonies (because I decided my gauge watch, while on gauge, was too limp, so I reswatched and went down a needle size … and up a sweater size, since I was in between sizes anyway. I figured out that with the tighter gauge, I’d land somewhere in between sizes, so hopefully it will work out perfectly).


First sleeve is now done, and I’m past the ribbing at at the spot to add the colorwork on the second sleeve.

Mods, so far:

  1. Knit a 2×2 twisted rib instead of regular, because I love how twisted rib looks.
  2. Added a colorwork band of waves, one of the charts for the yoke, to the sleeve. More colorwork = more fun in my book.

Future planned mod: add colorwork to the bottom of the sweater body, too. In the wave pattern, although I may add more rows so it’s a bit wider.

Anyone else participating in the Ravellenic Games, or Shannon’s KAL, of the Paintbox KAL, or another KAL? Whatcha knitting?


5 thoughts on “Project Update: North Shore, and KAL’s

  1. Beautiful! It’s too hot to wear stuff like that down here 😦

    I’m knitting a baby dress (Bloom) for a dear friend. I will be starting some warm watchcaps for our church’s September mission to Nepal. Earthquake victims are still suffering and the brutal Nepalese winter will start soon. I’ll be using handspun I’ve spun or plied thick.

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  2. i’m not doing a kal..but i am making a cowl in magenta for a friend of mine who’s had a rough year
    it’s a synthetic, because she can’t handwash, and it’s got a sparkle in it cause that’s who she is

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      1. that’s what i think too…and it’s truly a gift of love cause this synthetic yarn is brutal on my hands……so each stitch is a wish for a better year for her
        and since it’s a cowl….it’ll be a hug every time she wears it


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