Color Inspiration Thursday: Celestial

Beautiful Blues, clockwise from upper left: Spirit Trail Fiberworks “Celestial”, Blue Chalcanthite, Blue Bird, Dress, Flower, Sky, Blue Shoes, Blue Seas

Celestial is a beautiful tonal solid blue with soft lavender undertones. It’s perfect for patterns where you want the stitchwork to shine and not be obscured by an overly dark or deep color. Celestial is dark enough to not be quite a pastel, but light enough not to obscure cables, lace and other stitch patterns.

And, because I am all about colorwork these days, Celestial would look great in a colorwork project, with so many options. Here are just a few:

Colorwork Options, clockwise from Upper Left: Celestial with Muscaris, Fresh Mint, The Witching Hour, Bison, and Scrimshaw

I’m imagining an icelandic style sweater knit in Bison with a patterned yoke in Celestial, Fresh Mint and Au Naturel (undyed), or knit in The Witching Hour with a yoke in Celestial, Fresh Mint and Au Naturel, or a hat and mittens in Celestial, Muscaris and Au Naturel or The Witching Hour. There are so many other great combinations of colors I didn’t show here (Pink Sands, Daydream, Fog …) that would be so pretty.

I need more time to knit.



5 thoughts on “Color Inspiration Thursday: Celestial

  1. When you find more time to knit, could you loan me some, please? And my poor loom is empty, saying “feed me! You’ve been paying attention to your wheel for Tour de Fleece, and your needles for the Ravellenics, but what about meeeeeeee?”

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