Color Inspiration Thursday: Pink Sands


Pink Sands is a mauve-pink color, reminiscent of pink sand beaches, that somehow manages to be bright at the same time it’s soft and somewhat subdued.

For years I’ve maintained that I don’t like pink. I’ve come to realize what I mean is I’m not a fan of that bright, rather garish, bubble gum pink color (this could be because my childhood room was this color pink for a long time, but it’s hard to say). However, even that pink has it’s place, and looks great in colorwork projects (still too much for me on its own, but not mixed in with other colors, when a bright pop of color is just the ticket).

I’m all about Pink-Sands-pink, though. I love it on its own, like Julie of Knitted Bliss‘s Delineate Tank. And I love it in color work, especially with gray, in a project like The Rain Outside, which I knit in Sunna in Pink Sands and Graphite.

Julie’s Delineate Tank (doesn’t this color look fantastic on her?!) (photo from her Ravelry project page)
My “The Rain Outside,” in Pink Sands and Graphite (it’s finished, as you can see on this post, but I love this artsy shot I took at the beginning of my project)

12 thoughts on “Color Inspiration Thursday: Pink Sands

  1. pinks can be so very complex, if you let them…… they range from blue based to coral based…. heathered and tempered …….
    ahem….. pinks are pretty difficult to catch just right with flower paintings

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      1. the right pink will make a person’s skin glow (pink or peach ceilings do the same thing)
        people tend to think of pink as a blue red with white added but there are tons of earthy yellow or orange and even ones shaded with greens

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      2. Yes, definitely. And we actually added the barest hint of pink to the white of our studio walls, to warm it and soften it at the same time. We’re so pleased with the color 😀


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