Finished Project: North Shore

If you’ve been following along on my Instagram or Facebook feeds, you will have seen the photos of my finished North Shore sweater already. But, for posterity, I thought I’d post it here as well.

North Shore, by Tin Can Knits

I knit my sweater in Spirit Trail Brigantia. The main color is Werewolf in London, a deep, murky charcoal-blue. The accent colors are Corfu (light blue), Au Naturel (white), Afterglow (orange/yellow/pink) and Balsam Fir (green).

This pattern was so much fun to knit. While I love knitting sweaters top-down and in the round, because of the try-on-ability as you knit, I really love knitting colorwork yoke / icelandic / fair isle sweaters bottom because it gets the boring stuff out of the way first (I have second-sleeve-itis, much like second-sock-itis, except I don’t knit socks all that often. Probably because of second-sock-itis).

So, knit the sleeves first and get them out of the way. Then the miles of sometimes-boring stockinette stitch for the body (except this is really good for travel-soccer-knitting and other knitting-whilst-watching-kids-play-sports-activities).


Then, you’re left with the most fun part for the very end. Which also happens to be the part that starts to move really quickly, as the stitches decrease for shoulder and neck shaping.


I really loved the color choices of TCK’s pattern sweater, but I knew I wanted to use the Afterglow color for the background. I dyed this colorway for the 2015 knitting club, and it’s specifically sunset-colored. Basically, the color of the after glow, when the sun has set completely but it’s not yet dark and the sun hits the clouds “just so.”

Rappahannock County, VA sunset, the inspiration for my Afterglow colorway
Another beautiful Rappahannock sunset afterglow
fading beach afterglow from a long time ago (these “kids” are now 19 and almost 17!)

I had the Balsam Fir leftover from another knit, the Werewolf in London was left over from some other past project or booth sample, and I pulled the Corfu and Au Naturel to go with the colors I already had.

I have left overs of all the accent colors, and will be putting them together in a few kits. If you’re interested, email me at Two kits are already taken, but I should have at least one more available.

The impression I was going for with afterglow (pinterest image)

The North Shore pattern is really excellent. It’s the first Tin Can Knits pattern I’ve used, and it’s really well-written (I did make some small modifications, which are on my Ravelry project page if you’re interested). I had qualms about the neck decreases, because they happen much more quickly than I’m used to in these types of sweaters. I worried about puckering and, before blocking, my trees did pop out a bit. Which would have annoyed me to no end, but I decided to trust the pattern and block it before ripping it out and spacing them out more.

I should have totally trusted Alexa and Emily, because they are pros. The decreases sit right at the shoulders, and help frame and form the shoulders of the sweater. Perfect. Lesson learned :-).

North Shore is a great pattern, fun to knit, love the colors I chose and the weight of the sweater. My sweater is actually a bit roomier than I usually knit, because I went up a size to account for my gauge being a bit tighter. I should have knit my normal size, but I think I may actually like this a bit looser and more sweat-shirty. Super comfy.

Yep, it’s a keeper. Will it ever be cold enough in Virginia to wear it? This time of year, I always feel like cooler weather will NEVER GET HERE. New hand knit sweaters make me even more impatient for those clear, crisp Autumn days.

I’m working on having some kits for this pattern at the 2016 New York Sheep & Wool Festival, too!

12 thoughts on “Finished Project: North Shore

  1. P. S. Stichalong is right — you look great in the sweater. There’s something very cuddly about a sweater that isn’t as fitted as one a person might usually wear.

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