Color Inspiration Thursday: Echo

This post is a bit of a teaser, but I love this new colorway so much I couldn’t resist posting about it.

Echo is a colorway I created for the 2016 Spirit Trail clubs, and it’s making its big debut at the New  York Sheep & Wool Festival, where I’ll have it on just about every base (I love it that much).


I knew I wanted something with pastels, and I wanted to play with some different dye techniques. My daughter came up with the name, because the little bits of softly layered color made her imagine what echoes might look like, if they were something you could see.

I chose a soft gray very slightly tinged with mauve for the base color (because I wanted a more toned down version of the above colors), and then layered on soft lavender, pink/mauve, yellow and a brighter aqua. I thought about adding the mint green from the photos, because these were the colors and photos I was looking at as I was designing this colorway in my head. But, ultimately, I decided against it because  I thought adding one more color into the mix might make it too busy.

This colorway takes all day to dye, but it is so worth it, don’t you think?

My Mom wasn’t so sure about this color, until she saw Lenore’s gorgeous Sun Rose sweater at my studio’s Grand Opening, which quickly converted her to its merits and potential:

This photo (borrowed from her Ravelry project page) really doesn’t do justice to Lenore’s beautiful sweater, which is absolutely stunning in person.

Stephanie has a Winterdeep Cowl going in Echo, too:

You can see the little pops of yellow better in Stephanie’s photo. I can’t wait to see this finished! Photo borrowed from Stephanie’s Ravelry project page

I’m pondering some other colors using the same dye techniques. What color would you choose for the base color? And what would you layer onto it? Inquiring minds want to know :-D.

Leave me a comment and tell me what colors you’d choose, and I’ll randomly select one or two responders to win a skein of Birte in Echo!

Edited to add: Leave a comment from now until Monday, September 19, 2016. I’ll draw a random winner or two on Monday afternoon!

Echo, shown on Birte (dk sw merino / cashmere / silk, 275 yards per 115g skein), debuting at the New York Sheep & Wool Festival, and up in the shop soon after!

37 thoughts on “Color Inspiration Thursday: Echo

  1. Echo is a gorgeous yarn! I would love to see a pale cactus green with spatters of yellow/orange and perhaps salmon/rose similar to cactus’ in bloom in the southwest… Thanks for the opportunity to have a skein of this beautiful yarn!

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  2. Lenore is a good friend of mine and when I saw her sweater I was blwon away! The colours are perfect. Another choice could be the clour of wet sand, with seaweed, browns, greens, greys, granite, deep blue. The possibilities are endless!

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  3. That is just the most beautiful yarn. I think the grey is a perfect base for showing off lots of colours. As an alternative, perhaps a duck egg blue colour with deep turquoise and vivid orange sprinkles. Or perhaps a colourway that evokes the beautiful colours of a purple and yellow pansy?


  4. So many possibilities! I love many of the other ideas, but would also like to see a pale salmon (or maybe pale buttery yellow) with flecks of copper, fuschia and red…..and a silver grey with flecks of gold (how to do that, I have no clue!) and olive green.

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  5. I think a green with pops of flower colors – yellow, orange, lavender. And a shell pink with a mid-range gray, violet, and deep blue (like the coloring on the inside of an oyster shell).

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  6. So many possibilities. Maybe scrimshaw base with afterglow colours, or slate grey base with bright blue, red, and purple? Not being a green girl, those are my leanings.

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  7. I love my Club Echo and I can definitely see the technique working with the autumn colors as mentioned upthread…I was thinking of a light tan or buttery base with darker browns, leaf red and maybe a tiny hit of blue sky.

    Or maybe you could do iceberg-type colors starting with white and mixing in the blues and greens. The possiblities are endless!

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  8. Wow, very pretty, I cannot get enough of grey in all its glory. A colour suggestion? I can think of many but one I’d like to see would be a soft green base (softer than your Faerie Wood or Herb Garden) with flecks for flowers – poppy red, lavender, rudbeckia, rose… on and on. Call it “Field of Flowers” and make it seasonal.

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  9. Echo is beautiful!! I can’t wait to see it in person at Rhinebeck. Unfortunately, I am one of those color challenged people who can’t imagine a color scheme. I would have to see it to know if I would like it, so I have no suggestions. Luckily for me, there are people like you to help me along!

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  10. Love this – it would be really gorgeous used in stranded color work with a darker shade like Witching Hour or maybe Muscaris … In thinking about others, I would go with a deep gold and layer on some cinnamon/chili, warm deep green and even walnut – Autumn on one skein 😉

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  11. I love it Jen!! I had 2 ideas. A bottle green base accented with sea glass colors. Blues, aquas, dark green and maybe a little pink.

    I was also thinking of an autumn look. A yellow/brown accented with fall colors. I imagine this a strong, saturated look as opposed to the very subtle touches of your Echo color.

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