Color Inspiration Thursday: Retro

Another sneak peek of a new colorway for Fall: Retro, debuting at the New York Sheep & Wool Festival, and online thereafter.

I just love this acidy, intense yellow-green. This color came up recently in my Pinterest feed, and I was so hooked by it I knew I had to get it on some yarn right away.


Clockwise from Upper Left: Retro on STF Verdande, Funky Wallpaper, Retro Pants, Retro Fridge, Stylish Coat, Sofa

It’s one of those great colors that’s a neutral-not-neutral. It goes with so many other colors. It’s one of those colors I think a lot of people don’t think they can wear. But mixed with other colors? A fabulous pop of color that really works.

It’s awesome with cooler colors:


Clockwise from Upper Left: Retro, Cyclone, Muscaris, Mistletoe, Glass Bottom Boat, Fog. All on STF Verdande

And equally fantastic with warmer, earthier tones:


Clockwise from Upper Left: Retro, Scarlett, Burnt Caramel, Chimney Swift, Graphite, Vendange. All on STF Verdande

Playing with all these colors, I’m envisioning an icelandic-style yoked sweater, perhaps with the body knit in Muscaris, and the yoke pattern in Retro, Glass Bottom Boat, and Fog. Or, Vendange for the body, with Retro, Burnt Caramel, and Au Naturel (undyed, natural soft white). Or, how about the body of a sweater in Retro, with a yoke knit in Scarlett, Glass Bottom Boat, and Cyclone?

Or, a striped shawl in Retro and Graphite (or The Witching Hour, an even darker charcoal, for even more pop), or Retro and Glass Bottom Boat … or Retro and Muscaris. Seriously, endless possibilities.

There’s definitely some sort of colorwork project with this color in my future 🙂




4 thoughts on “Color Inspiration Thursday: Retro

  1. Whoa! Where are the Jetsons? Mary Quant?

    I love your yarns – but having lived through the Sixties, I’ve got to say Retro is not a color I want to repeat. Right now, I’m into purples, blues, and (yes, boringly) grieges. But then, my skin colouring and yellows, especially chartreuse-y and mustard-y ones, don’t mix.

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    • Ha! Yes, The Jetsons, Scooby Doo vibe :-D. I was born in the early 60’s, so I remember this color well (and others that still don’t appeal to me). I was originally considering this mainly as an accent color for colorwork projects; thinking a little pop of this would be awesome. It looks so great up against purple, and blue, and gray. I don’t think I could wear it as the main color in a a sweater or scarf, but as a contrast I could. And it would really give a great pop to stranded projects. I’d love to knit a hat up with this as one of the accents before NYSW, but I probably won’t be able to (because, Rhinebeck Sweater!!). So, yeah. Right up against my face or neck, as the main color? Not happening. But mixed in with others? Totally (at least for me 😀 ).


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