Project Updates: Traveller Tunic, and Vindur

I’ve had this yarn sitting near my desk for a little while now. It’s some test-dye skeins of a new colorway, Echo, on Brigantia. I really love it (more than I thought I would), and decided I needed to start a project with it.


Photographed with my new dyeing mug (haha!) a couple of weeks ago. It’s been a back drop in my studio for a while now

I wanted to use both skeins, though, which is a lot of yarn (at least 1,200 yards, and probably more like 1,400 since I under-estimate the yardages on all my yarns … just so no one ever ends up short). I found some great vest patterns, and other possibilities. I spent all day Sunday during our Open Studio looking at patterns, showing them to my studio partner (who is a textile artist but not a knitter, so I was starting to drive her crazy). I didn’t want anything too complicated, and everything that appealed to me would only end up using one skein.


Swatching, and considering pairing it with some leftover Werewolf in London

Then, I came across this awesome pattern by Joji Locatelli, Traveller Tunic. I’ve been wanting to knit a sweater tunic or dress, and I love so much about this pattern (and, having knit Joji’s Grandpa Cardigan, her patterns are really great).


Traveller, by Joji Locatelli (image borrowed from her Ravelry pattern page)


Top down, no seams … another favorite 😀


Making progress, until …

Laura had to go and publish Vindur. I’m not usually like a squirrel with serious ADHD about my knitting, but this one got me immediately.

Vindur Sweater

Vindur Sweater by Laura Nelkin, photo borrowed from her Ravelry pattern page

How cool is this design? I swear, Laura’s mind and her ability to created crazily-constructed, stunning garments, is amazing. Knit side to side, with all kinds of interesting and unique details, I just love this sweater so much.

I went home two nights ago, ready to put my Tunic aside and start on Vindur, only to find there were no Size 11 knitting needles in my house. Dang it!! I remembered I had given away all my standard Addi needles and purchased Lace and Rockets for the sharper points. But I hadn’t purchased Size 11, only up to size 10.5 (and about 30 needles in Sizes 4, 5, and 6, but whatever). As much as I tried, I did not get gauge with 10.5. And this is a sweater design where gauge is really important.

There were no Addi needles for sale in my vicinity either, so I ordered them online and went back to knitting Traveller. At least until the needles arrive, then Vindur is on. I hope to be wearing it and / or displaying it at the New York Sheep & Wool Festival (and I have a knitting challenge going with my friend Amy, who is also knitting Vindur for NYSW, and now has a 3-day head start on me).

It’s in bulky; I can knit it in 11 days, right?

15 thoughts on “Project Updates: Traveller Tunic, and Vindur

  1. I’m sure you will do fine!! Your post makes me wonder though, I record my yarn usage on ravelry by weight. Not that it matters for me, but for the record, and if other ravelers use my usage for guidance, I’m probably underestimating, right? Hmmmmm.

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    • It’s a tough one and Brigantia is the base with the largest swing in yardage. The lowest I’ve encountered was 600 yards, so that’s what I put on the labels. Most of them are closer to 650-700. I also decrease the weight on most, because the weight specified by my mills include spinning oil, etc. and I’ve noticed the skein weight can sometimes be lower than specified by my mills once the yarn goes through the dye process, but the yardage doesn’t change. All my bases but for Brigantia are pretty close to the specs on the label. Brigantia is the big wacky one. I think I added this info on my Ravelry yarn pages, but if not, I will.


      • Thank you. I’ll look on ravelry, I haven’t looked at your Brigantia description in ages, since I know I love it, but glad I’m not mis-informing folks too!


  2. Ah, fortunate you are to be able to have weather cool enough to wear bulky! My stash is fingering, sport, and only enough dk, worsted, and aran for charity knitting.

    I love that cherry red of Rose Kissed. Love.

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    • I’m hoping if I get this one done early, I’ll be able to wear it more. Last winter I knit a Vendange, by Anne Hanson, and was only able to wear it about 4 times before it got too warm. The bulky-yarn-weather in Virginia seems to be dwindling.


  3. I love this post. Both projects are amazing and both are now on my to-do list! I laughed when I read your comments about needles! How can it be that it takes a spreadshhet and huge case to manage what I have yet I’ll be missing what I need for the swatch I want to knit NOW!

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    • Seriously on the needle thing. I mean, really. How did I end up with SO MANY of some sizes, and not enough (or, not any) of others? It’s like there’s a mean Needle Troll teasing me.


  4. Sounds like my house! But I am sure you can knock that sweater out in record tie. There is a warp in the time continuum that precedes Rhinebeck allowing us to finish those sweaters (even if the ends are not woven in 😉 )

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  5. Love both sweaters! Don’t forget my Echo order when you get around to dying more! 😉 I love it, btw!


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