NYSW Sneak Peek: Kits, and a Give Away!

The first Nona kits for NYSW are done and ready to head North!


Six 100-yard skeins of Nona, The Witching Hour gradient with a Pop of Retro


Six 100-yard skeins of Nona, The Witching Hour gradient with a Pop of Hot Pink


Six 100-yard skeins of Nona, “Peacock” gradient


Six 100-yard skeins of Nona, “Autumn in New York” gradient

I have several more in the works and hope to post them before I leave (if I don’t run out of time!).

Somehow, a few of these ended up with an extra skein in the mix, and I find myself with 6 miscellaneous skeins. I’ve put them together into two mini-sets of 300 yards each, and I’m giving them away!


Mini “Peacock” set, 300 yards of Nona


mini “Autumn in New York” set, 300 yards of Nona

There are loads of fun little projects to make with 150-300 yards of lace weight yarn (and Nona is a heavy lace weight, merino / cashmere / silk blend) on Ravelry.

So, leave a comment telling me which set you’d love to have, and I’ll randomly choose a winner for each on Tuesday, October 4, 2016!


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coloring inside and outside the lines, all the time.
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70 Responses to NYSW Sneak Peek: Kits, and a Give Away!

  1. Donna says:

    Autumn in NY is perfection!

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  2. Judy Sturm says:

    Mini Peacock would be so nice!!!

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  3. Chris Vail says:

    Thanks, now you’ve made me homesick! (I’m originally from the Hudson Valley. Chicago just doesn’t have the autumn colors, and I miss them). All your gradient sets are lovely, but a hint of Autumn in NY would be wonderful ๐Ÿ˜€

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  4. Alex W says:

    It’s hard to choose. I’ll go for the peacock set as winter is coming and I want to line up my winter knitting project up. I think this set and some white would be a great winter project….hopefully for myself.

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  5. diane says:

    Both are beautiful but if I had to pick just one I would go with the Autumn. I am looking forward to seeing you in Rhinebeck.

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  6. Nailya Plaskey says:

    Autumn in NY would be perfect right now!

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  7. Yarngiraffe says:

    Ooh! The Peacock set is a collection of all my favorite colors! I really do need to get started on my STF hat for Rhinebeck! If I use up more of my stash, the more I can buy! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  8. Wendy Preston says:

    Love them all, but the mini Peacock set really speaks to me. And Nona is one of my all-time favorite yarns!

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  9. Donna Clanton says:

    My pick would be Autumn in NY – such warm colors!!

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  10. The Mini Peacock set is stunning! The colors are gorgeous and the possibilities are endless ๐Ÿ™‚ it would truly be a dream to knit with this yarn!!

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  11. Martha says:

    I love both, but the peacock is my favorite! Nona is fabulous in any color.

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  12. Virginia Kessen says:

    All of the sets are gorgeous! Will they be available online after Rhinebeck? I’d love to win either of the mini’s you’re giving away.

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  13. Suzanne says:

    The little Peacock mini set it so cute. Can’t wait till Rhinebeck.

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  14. Maria says:

    I’m “hankering” for the Peacock – fingerless gloves for stocking stuffers! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  15. Naomi says:

    Autumn in New York– since it’s my favorite time of the year and I live in New York.


  16. Mamma Kate says:

    I adore the PEACOCK mini set! Thank you for your generosity.

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  17. josiekitten says:

    I would love to win the Peacock blue/purple set, the colours are beautiful!

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  18. stitchalong says:

    The Peacock mini is absolutely lovely, blue and purple together, pure magic.

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  19. Catherine A Handler says:

    I love Autumn in New York. It reminds me of growing up in upstate New York.

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  20. Loretta says:

    The witching hour gradient with that pop of hot pink is awesome!! See you in Rhinebeck!!

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  21. Carole Ogram says:

    I would love Autumn in NY. Also, I can’t wait to get my greedy little hands on The Witching Hour w/Retro. I may be camping out at your booth!

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  22. Issy Thomas says:

    Love the Autumn colours!

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  23. Shannon A. says:

    I love the saturated colors of peacock! There are so many possibilities! Looking forward to seeing you in a couple weeks!

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  24. Moira says:

    I love the Mini Peacock- the blues and purples are my colors!
    I have been enjoying learning about the inspirations for your colors. Your posts are one of the highlights of my week- a chance to get away from the grind of work and dream…..

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  25. Lena says:

    There is something about the blues that are calling me. So, for me, it’s the Peacock. But I must say, you do beautiful work. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  26. Kali Hamlin says:

    I would LOVE the “Peacock” set!!

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  27. Gloria Ross says:

    Love the sets. Peacock is calling.

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  28. Love the autumn one. I’m so inspired by your work. It’s beautiful.


  29. vi says:

    autumn in ny of course……. we can’t get there again this year, but bernie said he was going to put in for vacation for next year’s rhinebeck
    i guess it’s just as well….i am not quite healed yet so by next year i should be good to go

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  30. mimers66 says:

    This is a tough choice! I think I would go with the Peacock, but that Autumn in NY is stunning! The leaves are starting to change up here and it is breathtaking!

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  31. Alhbooks says:

    Mini Autmn in New York wns by a hair…but my goodness, the acock colors are lovely…

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  32. barbgb says:

    Nona Autumn in New York is so lovely! Soon those colors will be gracing our woods here in Wisconsin. I love this time of year and your colors reflect it perfectly! Happy Fiber-ing!

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  33. Barbara Bangert says:

    Nona Autumn in New York gradient is so lovely! Those colors will soon be in Wisconsin, too. I love this time of year.

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  34. Stephanie says:

    Pooh, mini peacock. Perfect for a cowl or scarf of some sort.


  35. Judy says:

    Wow! Gorgeous sets! Especially love the little mini Peacock.


  36. Oooh, the Autumn in New York is beautiful and outside my usual pink/purple/blue/gray comfort zone. I’m dying to make a Mini Meltdown by Rachel Henry.

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  37. Melanie Perez-Lopez says:

    I love the colors of the 6 skeins of autumn in NY. Gorgeous!

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  38. Samantha Ritchie says:

    The Witching Hour Pop of Retro!

    Never made anythung with black and I absolutely love the Chartreuse/yellow mixed in.

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  39. Tina Spannbauer says:

    Love the mini peacock colors

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  40. Thanks for this awesome give-away! I adore both the Peacock and the Autumn. I would be excited to win any one of these sets ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  41. Mary Cady says:

    Hi Jennifer, I came across Laura Nelkin’s “Texo Cuff” pattern and I would love to knit and bead some for gifts for a few of my 11(!) granddaughters. The Mini Peacock set would be perfect! I love your new gradient kits!, by the way…

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  42. Cindy T says:

    The peacock set is beautiful! See you soon in Rhinebeck.

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  43. Ann Nelson says:

    Miss “Peacock” in the library with the pipe. My preference, ha ha!

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  44. sophy0075 says:

    Gorgeous! Oh, I would love to win the Mini Peacock set.

    Liked by 1 person

  45. Leslie F says:

    Autumn in NY…because I will be in VA! But I love the sets.

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