Color Inspiration: Black Cherry

First, the winners of the random drawing from over the weekend are:  Mamma Kate for the mini set of Peacock, and Chris from Chicago for the mini set of Autumn in New York. Congratulations!


Black Cherry, a deep plum-cherry color, is another new-for-Fall colorway debuting at the New York Sheep & Wool Festival (and, of course, online when I get home).

It’s such a great color for Fall sweaters and accessories. And, being in my current everything-should-compliment-everything-mode (whenever possible, at least!), this colorway will go really well with Fog (soft light gray), Glacier (soft light gray-blue), Pink Sands (light pinky-gray), Scrimshaw (cream) and several others.

I’ll have it on a few bases at NYSW!

16 thoughts on “Color Inspiration: Black Cherry

  1. This Black Cherry is a lovely, warm Fall colorway. I’ve already started looking at patterns to knit with the Peacock mini set. Thank you again!


  2. I need a sweater in Glacier and Cherry. I am completely in love. Time to check Ravelry for some ideas.

    Are you bringing sweater quantities to NYSW? Is it wrong that I still haven’t used last years’ sweater quantity?


    1. Yes, I’ll absolutely have sweater quantities in all of these new colors (multiple sq’s in each, for the most part).

      And no, it’s not wrong. It’s percolating ;-D


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