Color Inspiration: Eggplant

Eggplant on STF Zalti, and color inspirations

Sometime recently a customer told me I needed to create a deep purple that wasn’t too bright / vibrant / intense. So, I set about to do that, and Eggplant is the result.

Deep and sort of murky, with stronger blue undertones, it’s a rich, beautiful colorway. It’s reminiscent of the deep bluish-purple eggplants, rather than their counterparts with redder undertones.

It’s another one of those not-a-neutral-neutral that so many other colors compliment. Check it out:

STF Eggplant with, clockwise from upper right: Corfu and Daydream, Retro and Daydream, New Green and Fog, Retro and Au Naturel, Roussillon and Scrimshaw. All shown on Zalti and headed to NYSW!

Seriously. Roussillon? My Mom was here working with me and swore that Eggplant will go with just about everything. To prove it, she pulled the Roussillon to show that, indeed, somehow it does compliment Eggplant. I was surprised and would not have chosen a burnt orange to go with a deep blue-purple. But, it really does work.

There are so many more colors that it compliments, but I’m running out of time before NYSW to get things done and sneak peaks posted so I had to stop pulling yarn out to photograph.


13 thoughts on “Color Inspiration: Eggplant

  1. Ooh, this is gorgeous, and now I’m craving your really dark blue as well…if it’s anything like the OOAK I got in your Sunna kit with the Herb Garden green, I’m already in love!

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    1. Midnight Oil is more solid-colored than that OOAK, which is also more charcoal-y than Midnight Oil (the OOAK is really softly variegated charcoal / dark blue). The blue in the OOAK is also a tad bit brighter than Midnight Oil, since it’s more variegated. But they’re along the same line 🙂


    1. True! And I have a new, really dark blue, too, called Midnight Oil. Roussillon would be fabulous with this one, too (stay tuned, hoping to get a sneak peek of it soon 🙂 ).


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