Color Inspiration Thursday: Midnight Oil

Midnight Oil on STF Vesta, and inspirations for the color

Probably my last color inspiration sneak peak before the New York Sheep & Wool Festival, Midnight Oil is a new, deep navy-charcoal-blue colorway coming with me to the Festival. I dye lots of blues, but not usually this dark.

It’s like the deep blue-black of the sky at night. If you look at an assortment of indigo-dyed products (like the book in the photo above), or indigo itself (the photo of the hand holding indigo bits), it’s sort of the darkest shade of indigo, with some charcoal thrown in. And some navy. I love dark, murky blues so I’m not sure why I don’t dye more of them. I think this is the first in what will be more to come!

Vesta (100% superfine merino bulky) tends to lighten and soften colors just a bit. I love Midnight Oil on Vesta, as the blue is slightly more pronounced. On other bases, especially those with cashmere and silk in the blend, it’s a decidedly deeper shade.

I didn’t used to be a big fan of blue, and it’s funny how our tastes in color change over time, isn’t it? When I was a teenager and into my 20’s, green was my favorite color. Or black (isn’t every 20-something a fan of black?). I still love and wear a lot of black, but my “favorite” color has certainly changed.

These days, my favorite seems to change just about every time I dye a new colorway, and I have sweaters and accessories in grays, burnt oranges, plums, browns, deep reds and many other colors. I really can’t say there are any colors I don’t like anymore, where I used to state very emphatically that I did not like purple, or pink, or pastels. Now, I really believe every color can have its place in my wardrobe. This deep, dark blue is definitely a keeper.

And, on my perpetual colorwork bent … Midnight Oil would look fantastic with Fog, Daydream, Pink Sands, Roussillon, Herb Garden, Scrimshaw, and new colors like Retro, Echo, Horseshoe Bay, and quite a few others. Stripes or stranded, all of the above 😀

Next up, over the next week I’ll be highlighting some of the special patterns debuting at NYSW in Spirit Trail yarns (most of which I’ll have coupons for free patterns available at the show, with yarn purchase, and hope to bring this special online when I return home).

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