New York Sheep & Wool Festival Recap

What a great weekend NYSW is, every year!

I managed to get some photos of set up, take down, evening festivities and some on Sunday. My friend Amy was with me this year as one of my Booth Babes, and she managed to get quite a few great photos over the course of the weekend, too. Sunday I was also able to hold onto my phone and take some photos of the handknits people brought to show me (I love this part of doing shows SO MUCH, but usually don’t have my phone as it’s on check-out duty, processing credit card transactions).

So, here’s a recap, in photos:

Leaving Virginia, there’s barely any color on the trees yet. This is one of my favorite things about heading to NYSW, because I get Autumn twice! The trees are still barely changing color here, but will soon since it will be down into the 50’s by this coming weekend (which is hard to believe, since it’s in the mid 80’s today: just one of the joys of Virginia weather).

Thursday afternoon celebratory wine, knitting, and hand knit socks.

Thursday evening we had dinner at The Local, a fantastic, small restaurant in Rhinebeck. It’s one of my favorites (the craft cocktails are always fabulous!).

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Set up begins! From left, Shelia, Amy, & Eva (not shown are Martha, Kelly, Diane, Heather, and two friends of Shelia’s who came to help)
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Getting there! (and there’s Martha under the STF sign, and Shelia, Diane and Heather to the right … Kelly must be hiding ;-D
Done! (samples shown on the right are: from left: LaJefa and Ravello

We start setting up at 8 am, and this year were finished a little after 2 pm (which is a bit longer than usual, but I had a lot of new yarns to arrange and fit into the booth). There is no way I could do this show (or MD) without the help of all my friends who travel and take time out of their lives to come with me. I can’t express how much I appreciate them, and look forward to these weekends when we all get to stay together, knit, laugh, and have a blast.

We went to lunch at Aroi Thai, another fabulous restaurant in Rhinebeck. And then did a little shopping (of course! ha!).

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My new blue boots are totally Amy Herzog‘s fault. She talked me into going back into Pegasus Footwear to try them on. I’m really happy she did, though, because they’re awesome, so comfortable, and I love them! (those are Amy’s awesome brown boots).

Friday night we had dinner at Terrapin, another Rhinebeck staple. And then home to relax and do a bit of knitting (I was still working on my Vindur, hoping to finish in time to display it on Saturday).

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Vindur, still going …

Saturday morning dawned foggy and muted, but soon cleared into a beautiful day.


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Samples, bottom photos from left to right (and samples from left to right): Photo 1: Vendange, Photo 2: Puck, Alta, Sundottir, Photo 4: LaJefa, Ravello

Booth Babes Eva, Adrienne, & Martha getting ready to open

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Voila! I finished Vindur at around midnight on Friday night, but couldn’t block it because there was no iron at our rental house, and I’d forgotten to pack mine
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Short sleeved Sample at upper left: Datura

The very first group into the Spirit Trail booth was this awesome flock of Baa-ble hatted knitters. Who made a quick beeline to the Zalti and snagged sweater quantities for all!


Amy & Eva, Marvelous Booth Babes (and me, being serious, looking up yardage requirements on Stash Bot, which is an awesome app if you haven’t seen or tried it out yet)


Processed with Snapseed.

A couple of years ago, after the craziness of Saturday, we decided to try getting take out from Aroi and going back to our house. What a great idea that was, and we’ve been doing it ever since. This year, Greg & Deirdre from Still River Mill joined us, as well as our friends Kelly, Diane, Heather, and Elizabeth. It was tons of fun and we howled with laughter for hours.

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Ready to go again on Sunday!

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Martha and Shelia getting set for another day
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Found more Brigantia hiding under the table, but unfortunately no more Zalti (what a run on that I had! More is already on order!) (sample at left is North Shore)

All weekend, knitters brought me their projects knit with STF yarn. I love this part of doing Festivals so much! Unfortunately, I got NO photos on Saturday, or even Sunday morning, but here’s a smattering of the folks who came by later on Sunday:

Processed with Snapseed.

Processed with Snapseed.

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To everyone else who brought their beautiful projects to show off, I’m so sorry I didn’t get photos! I’ll try harder next year to get a photo of everyone who stops by!

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Mary Annarella stopped in to show off her gorgeous Waikiki Wrap in STF Nona
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Got to visit with Bristol Ivy and Thea Colman for a bit on Sunday (and stay tuned for some fun things coming from these talented ladies in STF yarns, one of these days!)
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and my friend, Laura Nelkin (again, stay tuned! Cool stuff coming!) (that’s my Four Seasons shawl in the photos ~ I’m working on some gradient kits in these colors)


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The magic is packed away for another year 😦

All too soon, the Festival was over for another year, and we were packed up and heading out to dinner at Flatiron in Red Hook, our Sunday night tradition (Hendricks! Brussel Sprout salad (seriously, amazing!) soufflé! ).

On my way home, I stopped at the scenic overlook on 84 somewhere between Newburgh and Scranton, and snapped my last 2016 Autumn in NY shots. So pretty!

Processed with Snapseed.
using the telephoto creates a very painterly-looking photo, sort of cool

Processed with Snapseed.

I’m so grateful that I get to do this show every year. It’s so much fun. I really appreciate all the knitters who come by my booth, show me their projects, purchase my yarns and fibers. Because, seriously, without you guys I wouldn’t be able to be there, and I wouldn’t be able to do what I do for a living. And it’s such a joy, and such a gift. So, thank you, so very much!

I’m already counting the days to NYSW 2017!

And, I forgot to draw the random winners of the gradients from last week’s post, so I’ll do that tomorrow!





19 thoughts on “New York Sheep & Wool Festival Recap

  1. I loved your post! I usually get to your booth at Rhinebeck, but somehow I never made it. The sample sweaters are so gorgeous. Could you provide a list of the patterns somewhere? Especially the one with the patterned yoke. Catch you next time in Maryland!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Marla! Sorry you missed us this year ~ maybe next year! And look forward to seeing you at MDSW :-D. I’ve added the sample names to the post (the sweaters … I need to look up the shawl samples). The patterned yoke sample is Sundottir, in Zalti.


    1. Thanks! Wish you could have, too :-D. Thea is pretty petite, but also know that Bristol and I are rather *Amazon-ish.* I’m 5’9″ and Bristol is even taller … so it’s not so much that Thea is super teeny. Just what she’s up against ;-D


  2. Love these pictures, and I’m not surprised your booth was so popular- your yarns are wonderful and you deserve all the success you can handle! Glad you had an awesome time.


    1. It is really fun! And yes, you need these boots; they are so comfortable! (and, also? they come in like 12 colors, if blue isn’t quite your thing ~ click on “my blue boots” so see 😀 ). And yes, I am totally an enabler heh heh.


  3. Loved this post! So fun seeing your booth, customers, friends, etc. Your yarn knits up so beautifully! It looks like a lot of work, getting set up and all, but it sounds like it was definitely worth it. I love the blue boots -they are definitely you!

    Liked by 1 person

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