Color Inspiration Thursday: Glass Bottom Boat

First, the winners of the mini sets are: Kristin Coon for the purple/gray and Lorna Lyon for the rust / blue set. I’ve also added a surprise set of Sunna, and the winner for this one is Kristina. I’ve emailed the winners, and want to thank everyone for commenting. It was great to get your feedback on gradient sets, and your pattern ideas. I really wish I could send a prize to every one who left a comment!


Glass Bottom Boat was the May colorway for the 2016 knitting clubs, and I really love it. A bit like Waikiki, a bit like Mediterranean, but not quite like either. Deep but vibrant blue-turquoise-aqua. I love this color with so many other colors!

Some Glass Bottom Boat will be up on my website soon, as soon as I can get photos edited, resized and uploaded. I love this color, and keep seeing it with Retro and Eggplant, and it looks amazing. I’ll be dyeing more in the near future, and will post when it’s up!

2 thoughts on “Color Inspiration Thursday: Glass Bottom Boat

  1. Beautiful color- not too blue, not too green, a bit of grey to revent any thought of 1960s mod flashiness. Rather Aegean. I wonder how it might pair with just a tiny pop of Homer’s “wine dark sea”? I’m showing my age- Doris Day singing “The Glass Bottom Boat” is going through my head. ROFL.

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    1. Aegean is a good description! (I see a new yarn color with that name one of these days 😀 ). Might be good with wine; I’m stuck on it with Retro and Muscaris at the moment 😀


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