Project Update: Traveller Tunic

I started working on this just before Laura Nelkin published her new sweater pattern, Vindur, which swept me off my feet (stay tuned for a blog post about this project soon, because I finished it the Friday night of Rhinebeck weekend).


STF Brigantia in the “Echo” colorway (SO hard to photograph this color! This shot is pretty close, although it’s a tad cooler in tone)

Now Vindur is finished, and I’m back to my Traveller Tunic by Joji Locatelli.


Another pretty good photo, but the pops of color are not *quite* so bright as indicated in the photo

I really, really love this colorway (and yes, I’ll be dyeing more as soon as I can! I have a bit to load onto my website after NYSW, but need to dye more). I really wasn’t sure if I’d like it or not; I’m not a huge fan of wildly speckled yarns.

Echo was a color in the STF 2016 clubs, and when I dyed it, I really wasn’t sure how it would knit up. Would it look like pastel clown barf? The first project I saw knitted with it was Lenore’s Sun Rose, which she brought to my studio opening. The photos don’t really do it justice (this is such a difficult colorway to photograph accurately):


More recently, Stephanie knit a Winterdeep Cowl:


Which is fantastic (and a pretty good photographic representation).

Anyway, I’m making headway on my Traveller Tunic …


Bad color photo, sorry

I’m technically finished with the 4 inches of straight stockinette and am supposed to start the increases now. But, I think I’m taller than Joji (I’m 5’9,” not sure of her height) and I think I want a bit more of the straight before I start increasing ~ I tried this on, and it came to just below my bust.

So, I’m going to knit another two inches of stockinette, and then start with the increasing, which continues to the end. I think I’ll knit it longer. The pattern calls for it to be 26″ long from the underarms, which is a good length for a tunic, but I want the option to wear this as a dress, with tights and boots, without potentially flashing people. heh.

This is the first tunic / dress I’ve knit, even though I’ve wanted to knit one for quite a long time. Others on my list are the Bloom Dress, Allegheny, Amherst, and DJC Spirals (although I wonder if I’m a bit too … voluptuous ::ahem:: for these straighter designs at the moment haha. I could always knit more of an A-line instead, right?).

How about you guys? Ever knit a dress, or want to?

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