Color Inspiration Thursday: Noelle



Noelle is a new color for Fall and Winter. A deep, rich red, I think it’s perfect for the Holidays ~ red but not the standard “Santa Claus” red.

Currently, I have Noelle dyed on one of my new bases, Astraea, with is a blend of superwash m merino, cashmere, and silver stellina, which adds subtle glitz without being overbearing (or pokey! this stellina is quite soft, which is awesome!). Totally perfect for Holiday accessories!

noelle_collage_2I’m envisioning this color in a striped shawl in two different ways ~ a combination of Noelle, Retro, and South Pacific (or Muscaris) for a bright, more highly contrasting project, or Noelle with Harvest, with either Burnt Caramel or Scrimshaw, for a more earthy, autumnal color palette… or with Retro and The Witching Hour, for a more glamorous color palette.

(Astraea is fingering weight, and can be mixed in a project with Sunna or Tayet, for just a bit of glitz and shimmer).




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