Color Inspiration Thursday: Solace


Solace, Abstract Landscape, Beach Glass, Peaceful Sailing, Suit & Tie, Soft Hydrangeas

With the tumultuous times we’re going through these days in America, Solace seemed like a good colorway to highlight for this week’s Color Inspiration. A soft blend of blues, grays, yellows and touches of green where the yellow and blue meet, it’s a rather peaceful and quiet colorway (hence, the name 🙂 ).

No comment on the election here, other than to say I am, as always, encouraged and inspired by the ability of our common love of textiles, and the act of creating, to transcend differences and bring people together. And, the power of making to bring peace and solace to the maker. I know creating (whether I’m creating new colorways, or new hand-knits) brings me peace and joy, as well as being calming and meditative (the very act of counting stitches sends my mind into that state desired in meditation, where all the frantic hamsters on treadmills between my ears calm down and take a brief rest).

I created this colorway for Clara, for her Cormo 2.0 yarn, to compliment Werewolf in London, a deep blue also dyed on Cormo 2.0. I love it by itself, but I really love it used in colorwork projects with a tonal solid to compliment it.

Solace with, from upper right, The Witching Hour, Fangorn, Fog, Hanalei, Muscaris

Here’s to knitting, crochet, weaving, painting, sewing ~ all kind of making and creating, whatever they may be ~ bringing us all a little solace. And to bringing us together despite our differences, in these unsettled and uncertain times, both nationally and internationally. I know I’ll be knitting up a storm.


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