Craft Friday: Are You In?

A few years ago, Beverly Army Williams started Craft Friday in response to the consumerism and craziness of Black Friday. I’ve never participated in Black Friday because I don’t love shopping on a GOOD day (i.e., a good day being not crowded, or frenetic). So the thought of plunging in with forty-leventy-hundred (as my friend Bess says) other people all looking for deals. No. Not happening.

Not that I’m criticizing anyone who enjoys the Black Friday scene. To each his own; it’s just not for me. I’d rather stay home on the day after Thanksgiving, sleep late, sip tea, relax, enjoy family and friends who may be visiting, eat yummy leftovers. That’s pretty much my idea of bliss.

So, I’m in this year and hoping to add some knitting to my Craft Friday Bliss. I have quite a few projects I’d like to get finished before Christmas, including:


Icelandic yoke-style sweater for my son, Jackson, in DK weight cashmere dyed to his specifications in light gray, natural white, and dark charcoal gray with a hint of dark blue. The light gray is basically my “Fog” colorway, and the charcoal / blue is something I made up for him which I didn’t write down (unfortunately; I’m going to try to recreate it). Jackson wants this design but without the lowest portion of the yoke pattern.


Icelandic yoke-style sweater for my daughter, also in DK weight cashmere, dyed to her specifications in dark green, a funky sort of green / tan, natural white, and light gray (the tan, as it likes to do, broke into various shades of green and tan as it steamed. Whatever. Dyeing one skein is hard! It will be pretty in colorwork!). The weird tan / green is not reproducible; the light gray is Fog, and the dark green is new and I DID write this recipe down. Here’s hoping I can recreate it in larger scale. We’re still working on what pattern to knit, and I may end up making one up for her.


Icelandic yoke-style sweater for me, in my new 100% organic, non-shrink wool. This in the worsted version in the photo above, as the fingering and DK versions are out to other knitters to try out. I dyed these in Eggplant, Glacier, and Retro (or an approximation of the latter two, because dyeing one skein is hard! 😉 ). I’m going to most likely make a pattern up for myself, too.

And, just because I’m a little crazy and don’t have enough queued up, I’m test knitting the DK weight version of Laura Nelkin’s Vindur design, which she’s naming Gola (translates at “little wind” in Icelandic). Here is hers:


I’m planning to knit mine with vertical stripes on the body instead of the color blocking at the bottom, and a two-color garter seam on either side. In Birte, in these colors:


Birte in Kestrel, Scrimshaw, Dance the Orange, and Vendange.

I’m going to start on Gola first, so I can get it done for Laura. And then the teen sweaters, hoping to get these two sweaters done by Christmas! I doubt I’ll get all four sweaters done by Christmas, but if I am actually able to get a good deal of knitting done on Craft Friday, I’ll be well on my way!

What about you? Are you going to participate in Craft Friday? Or brave the hordes and get some shopping done?

Speaking of which, if you’re in the DC Metro area, my studio will be open on Small Business Saturday, November 26, from 10 am – 4 pm! Lots of great stuff available for gift giving, including yarn (of course), hand-knit hats, a few gradient yarn cakes and lots more hand-dyed scarves!


6 thoughts on “Craft Friday: Are You In?

  1. Holy cow! You’re planning to get all of those sweaters finished before Christmas? Christmas 2016? You are also planning to go without sleep, I presume, and perhaps you have a TARDIS to give you some extra time. Well, good luck!

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    • Ha! That’s my goal, but realistically I really want to finish the Gola test knit and my daughter’s sweater by Christmas. I’d like to have a good chunk of my son’s done by then as well, but we’ll see! (I’m always overly optimistic … but then, I DO have Netflix streaming now and have been doing some serious knitflixing!)


  2. An amazing project list…and yes, I’m absolutely in for Craft Friday. Socks and hats to finish up for the holidays, so a good solid day of knitting will be a help. I love your deep dark navy…snagged some OOAK Sunna from the etsy shop snd I’m contemplating how to make the best use of the colors in a fair isle sweater…

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  3. WoW! I am impressed by your ambitious que! Love the colors for your son’s sweater. Excited about Gola. Can’t wait to see yours. Shopping on Black Friday… not for me ever. So I am in for Craft Friday, too. Have some things I would like to finish up, including a couple Nelkin designs. Thanks for passing the idea on ~ have a wonderful day!

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    • We’ll see if I get it all done (doubtful, but hope springs eternal, right? 😉 ). Goal is going to be awesome! I watched last night and am hoping to get started on it tonight. On the sly, as my daughter is eagerly awaiting her sweater :-D. Look forward to crafting with you in spirit on Friday!


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