Project Update: Gola


STF Birte in Kestrel, Chipotle, Scrimshaw, and an orange OOAK that’s fairly close to Dance the Orange

Gola was on my recent #CraftFriday list, along with 3 other sweaters I’d love to finish by Christmas (why, yes, I am an over achiever ;-D ).


swatches for Birte and DK weight cashmere

I did some swatching on November 21, for both Gola and the icelandic yoke sweaters for my kids, and decided to start Gola first, since I’m test knitting it for Laura.


First sleeve done!

I was done with the first sleeve by just before Thanksgiving, and cast on the stitches for the body on #CraftFriday.


Binge watching “The West Wing” on #CraftFriday

These side-to-side sweaters are so funky when you’re just getting started on the body, with this long strip of stitches with a sleeve stuck in the middle.



I was able to spend a lot of time knitting on Friday, and again yesterday. I have a few more rows until I get to the shoulder short rows on the left side, and then knit the second sleeve. Woot!

This design is so fun, because there are so many options to personalize it ~ with stripes on the sleeves; with stripes on the body (horizontal like Laura’s below, or vertical like mine above); with symmetrical stripes, or asymmetrical (like mine) on the body … and lastly …

Here’s an option I’m still trying to make a decision about. For this design, you add and knit stitches up either side of the sweater, picking up the side stitches as you go (rather like a short row heel, sort of). You can see them in this photo of Laura’s sweater:


Laura’s Gola

I’m trying to decide between a few options:

  1. Should I knit both of them in one of the alternating colors of Chipotle or Dance the Orange?
  2. Should I knit one side in one color, and one side in another?
  3. Should I knit them in stripes? For example, Dance the Orange and Scrimshaw alternating every two rows? Or Dance the Orange and Chipotle? Both sides the same or one side in each?
  4. Should I knit them in the base color, Kestrel?
  5. Or, last option (maybe), should I knit them in stripes with the base color and one of the accent colors? Or two of the accent colors ~ one on either side?


What do you think? I’m getting close to the point of having to make a decision, and I can’t decide!

I’m hoping to finish this sweater by the end of this coming weekend! My studio is open December 3 and December 4 for 10-5 (come on by if you’re in the area … and it’s a fun day trip from the DC Metro area, Richmond, Maryland … ), so I’m hoping to get the final knitting time in while I’m here, if it’s not too crazy-busy :-).

Also, an aside in case anyone didn’t see it ~ I’m having a Cyber Monday Customer Appreciation Sale over on my website from now through Thursday, December 1. 20% – 40% off, with discounts already applied 😀

6 thoughts on “Project Update: Gola

    • I’m thinking the same thing, sort of :-). Right now, I’m thinking of trying stripes on the side without the stripes on the body, and solid color on the stripey side of the body. We’ll see! 😀


    • I think I need to try it :-D. I don’t want it to be TOO stripey, what with the stripes in the body, but all these options are so fun to think about!


  1. Wow, progress! I like the simplicity of solid contrast colors, one on either side, but I can see what a tough decision this is!

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