Color Inspiration Thursday: Shadow


Shadow, with inspirations

October’s brilliance softening into November’s subtle hues, then settling into the more monochromatic tones of winter. Mist and fog through leafless trees. Moonlight casting surreal shadows through of forest (I’m lucky enough to see this on a regular basis, on dark, clear moonlit nights in the woods where I live. It always leaves me sort of breathless with its strange, creepy beauty. It’s stark, and really plays with one’s depth perception. And … what lurks in those dark moonlit shadows, anyway? ::shudder:: ).

Paris in the rain ~ although I’ve never been there, yet, I imagine it quite often and dream of going. Movies like “An American in Paris” and “Midnight in Paris” certainly assist the imagination 🙂 . Oliver Twist’s London. London in the fog ~ only one of its many stunning moods ~ sometimes damp, sometimes gray, always beautiful.

Soft charcoal sketches. The light and shadow one can create with a simple stick of charcoal always enthralls me.

The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock ~  [the fog and shadow that] “licked its tongue into the corners of the evening.” Dark, shadowy, powerful (God, I love the images in this poem. It’s stunning. And yes, my English Lit degree is never far from the surface of things around here heh).

These are what I think of when I envision shadows, and are the images that inspired this colorway.

Shadow is a perfect charcoaly-neutral. Not nearly as light as my “Fog” colorway, which is quite soft and delicate; it’s darker than “Graphite,” which is a more medium tone (still relatively soft when looking at color depth and tone) … but it’s not as dark or strong as “The Witching Hour,” which is a deep and fairly intense charcoal-bordering-on-black.

“Shadow” has just enough oomph to keep it interesting and make a statement, but is still a light enough color that stitchwork shows up nicely. And, it goes with everything. Actually, putting the above colors together … I’d like to knit something with all of these combos!


Shadow, and more inspiration. I just can’t get enough of this beautiful, rich charcoal gray.


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