2017 Club Planning: Poll Results & Winners!

Thank you all SO MUCH for responding to my poll questions. I really, truly appreciate it and I now have a boatload of really helpful information. I’m so glad I asked! I’m excited to dig in to get the 2017 clubs planning and organized, with this information in hand!

Here’s a summary of the results:

What Yarns Would you Most Like in the Knitting Club:
Nona (heavy lace merino/cashmere/silk): 8.18%
Sunna (fingering merino/cashmere/silk): 14.78%
Birte (dk merino/cashmere/silk): 16.67%
Verdande (worsted merino/cashmere/silk): 11.64%
Eir (sport bluefaced leicester): 13.21%
Brigantia (dk polwarth/silk): 12.58%
Zalti (worsted targhee): 5.97%
DK Organic non-shrink wool (new base, as yet unnamed): 9.12%
Worsted Organic non-shrink wool (new base, as yet unnamed): 5.66%
Other: 2.2% (included Astraea, other non-superwash wools like Cormo, Corriedale, Shetland, and a lighter weight Fingering)

(In order of Preference: Birte, Sunna, Eir, Brigantia, Verdande, DK Organic, Nona, Zalti, Worsted Organic)

How Would You Like the Knitting and Spinning Clubs to be Scheduled:
Monthly Shipments from February through September or October (8 or 9 total shipments): 22.99%
Bi-Monthly Shipments from February through December (6 total shipments): 71.26%
Other: 5.75% (included a 4-month option, pay one month and ship the next, and different timing options for 6 shipments)

What Yarns Would You Most Like in the Sweater Club:
Sunna (fingering sw merino/cashmere/silk): 3.57%
Eir (sport bluefaced leicester):  9.52%
Birte (dk sw merino/cashmere/silk): 17.86%
Brigantia (dk polwarth/silk): 16.67%
DK organic non-shrink wool (new base, as yet unnamed): 12.5%
Verdande (worsted sw merino/cashmere/silk): 20.24%
Zalti (worsted targhee): 10.12%
Worsted organic non-shrink wool (new base, as yet unnamed): 8.93%
Other: 0.6% (bulky weight)

(In order of Preference: Verdande, Birte, Brigantia, new DK Organic, Zalti, Eir, new Worsted Organic)

How Would You Like the Sweater Club Shipments to be Scheduled:
Bi-Monthly Shipments from March through September (4 total shipments): 20.29%
Tri-Monthly Shipments from March through September (3 total shipments): 78.26%
Other: 1.45% (whatever works best)

Would You Prefer an Up-Front Lump Payment, or Monthly Payments:
Lump sum up front: 17.86%
Automatic monthly: 75%
Other: 7.14% (included optional with a discount for lump sum, option for choosing between the two)

Would You Prefer the Clubs to be Light and Heavy Weight, or a Mix of Both:
Lightweight (heavy lace, fingering, dk): 23.26%
Heavy (dk, worsted, bulky): 17.44%
Mix (heavy lace through bulky): 55.81%
Other: 3.49% (included a sweater club of sport, dk, and worsted; and no bulky in the mix club)

Would You Like Patterns for Some of the Club Yarns:
Yes: 82.35%
No: 17.65%

Would You Like the Option to Add Swag to Your Subscription:
Yes: 66.67%
No: 33.33%

What’s the Most Important Thing About Clubs for You:
Stepping outside your usual color preferences: 26.51%
Trying new yarn bases: 56.63%
Other: 16.87% (included both of the above, getting the yarn/color I want, getting yarn in planned / known bases, not having to wait until festivals to purchase STF yarns, love surprises, trying something outside of usual choices, seeing what I come up with 🙂 )

Other comments included:
– Keep the same format as now, with a different base each shipment
– Include both payment options (lump sum or auto monthly)
– Keep the option to purchase additional skeins of club yarns each month
– Considering including a gradient in the club (this was mentioned a couple of times)
– Send shipments as a “theme” ~ the same yarn and color to each subscriber so everyone
is working with the same thing each month (I already do this, so this is an easy one 🙂 )
– Stagger the sweater club payments to make it more affordable (I did this last year, with
the payments being divided over 8 months, for four bi-monthly shipments)

This is such great information for me to have moving forward, and I appreciate everyone taking the time to answer my questions! Thank you!

So, random winners for taking the poll are:

Winner of the 1,200 yards of Nona in Muscaris and Delphinium is Nailya Plaskey!


And, because I really appreciate all the responses (and giving stuff away is fun 🙂 ), I threw in a couple more prizes:

Two skeins of Birte in “Tangled Up in Blue” are going to Carolyn Z:


Two skeins of Birte in “Tangled Up in Blue”

And, Lizzy won a skein of Brigantia in Sugared Violets:


One skein of Brigantia in “Sugared Violets”

Thanks again, everyone! And stay tuned ~ the club opening email will be sent to my subscription list on or around January 2, and will go live on the internet a few days after (so, if you’re interested in subscribing to the club, I’d recommend subscribing to my newsletter to get the early notice 🙂 ):

Happy Weekend!



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