My Want-to-Knit-it-Now List

I don’t really want to calculate the amount of time I spend on Ravelry looking at patterns. I’m sure I’d be appalled.

Sometimes it’s a new pattern I’ve seen on Facebook or Instagram, sometimes it’s a yarn that makes me go hunting for the perfect project.

I thought I’d share my current Want-to-Knit-it-Now projects with you (you know, to get everyone in the same boat as I am … err … share the wealth of possibility, that’s what I meant 🙂 ):


Sasha Wrap, by Sara Smuland, via Ravelry project page

First up, and I am going to knit this one SOON, is the Sasha Wrap by Sara Smuland. As soon as Clara posted photos of her new yarn, Cormo 3.0, I knew I had to have some of the Turmeric colorway (there are still some colors available so run on over there and check it out).

I wanted something bigger than a cowl, but not a sweater. The weather in Virginia for bulky sweaters seems to be waning (not sure if it’s my own internal thermometer or the weather ~ probably a conspiracy of both). So, a pattern search led me to ponchos, and that led me to Sara’s Sasha Wrap, and I was sold. Yarn is on its way, and I think this will be a great soccer-tournament-watching project (which means perhaps I can start it sooner than later).


Second Grace by Bristol Ivy, via Ravelry project page

Next in my line-up of new projects I want to knit now is Bristol Ivy’s newly published pattern, Second Grace. You know I love sweaters, and stranded knitting. And I just love Bristol; she’s the best. So this is a total trifecta of terrific (a bit of alliteration for your Monday morning 🙂 ). I got to see this sweater in person at Rhinebeck, and it’s just fabulous. I’m gonna knit this one in Zalti someday. Then again, this sweater could be a fabulous test knit for my new organic non-shrink worsted wool yarn. I’m already brainstorming on a color palette.


Spiral Euphoria Cowl by Jennifer Kirchenbauer, via Ravelry project page

Next up is this awesomely-textured Spiral Euphoria Cowl by Jennifer Kirchenbauer. Worsted weight; I’d like to knit it in Verdande. I just love the texture of this cowl so much.


Fireside Pullover, by Jane Richmond, via Ravelry project page

Next up, the new Fireside Pullover by Jane Richmond. I liked this the first time I saw it, but then I saw Jane’s photo on Instagram from a few days ago, with the front buttoned, and I was absolutely sold. I have those vintage buttons I purchased at TNNA this past June, and this would so perfectly showcase some of them. I’d knit it with Vesta (yeah, forget what I said about bulky sweaters up there. This doesn’t count).


Sedge, by Bristol Ivy, via Ravelry project page

I’m a big fan of fingerless mitts, and a big fan of stranded knitting. And a big fan of Bristol Ivy, of course (see above). So Sedge is another trifecta of awesome. I’m on the fence about knitting these in Sunna, or going for some glitz and knitting them in Astraea (I’m leaning towards the latter ~ Retro and South Pacific? Or perhaps for the Holidays, Red Velvet and Retro. Yes, please).

There’s more, but I’ll stop there for now.

I have quite a few must-knits before I can even think about any of these (except the poncho 🙂 ) ~ the Icelandic yoke sweaters for each of my kids, plus a sweater in the worsted weight version of my new non-shrink organic wool yarn:


100% organic, non-shrink wool, worsted weight in Eggplant, Glacier, and Retro

AND another sweater in Eir, which is a really lovely 100% non-superwash Bluefaced Leicester sport weight. I really love this new base, and haven’t had a chance to play with it much at all. It’s wonderfully wooly feeling, and still smells delightfully sheepy (in a clean way 🙂 ). The combo of these colors has been calling to me, so I pulled them for a sweater:


Eir in (from bottom) Shadow, Retro, Scarlett, Glass Bottom Boat, and Au Naturel

I will probably make up some sort of stranded sweater for these colors, because I haven’t found one I like yet that will use them all in large portions.

I really want to get all of these done. The two icelandic yoke sweaters are must-knits, and must knit soon. Yarns are already dyed and ready to go, and I’m making lots of progress on my Gola test knit for Laura Nelkin (more on that soon), so I should be able to start the first for my daughter soon.

What about you? Is your Want-to-Knit list as out of control as mine? Mine is bad enough that lately I’ve seen projects I like and, when I go to add them to my Ravelry library, they’re already IN my library. That’s bad.


4 thoughts on “My Want-to-Knit-it-Now List

  1. That Sasha shawl is pretty cool! Oh hey, we can have a KAL. I’m making the Fireside sweater. Not started yet.


    • I missed this comment, and I’m so sorry! Somehow it was sitting here waiting for approval, and I didn’t find it until I went into the “old” wordpress. So sorry!!


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