Project Update: Gola



Goal body, with stitch markers helping to keep track of my decreases along the bottom edge.

I’m making progress on my Gola test knit for Laura Nelkin, and continuing to enjoy knitting this design.


Gola, laid out on my great grandmother’s table (which my Mom and I restored together about 25 years ago ~ through about 15 coats of paint in the butt ugliest colors imaginable!) in the gallery / shop at my studio

I’m now finished with the body and both sleeves, and have started on the garter stitch sides:


still a bit crazy looking at this point (not on the table here, this is the old, worn floor of my gallery space. lots of character around here 🙂 )

I fiddled with where the decreases occur along the bottom because of how I altered the pattern. Laura had them up along the edge of her colorwork border, but since I did a vertical rather than horizontal, they looked a little strange more deeply in the . So, I moved them down closer to the bottom edge, which is rolling despite the knitted-on i-cord edge. We’ll see how it blocks out. I figure if it continues to roll, I’ll add an additional i-cord edge detail along the bottom in one of the colors (depending on what I have left) and perhaps an additional i-cord edge around the neck to match.

One of my decisions about how to do the sides was made for me, as I ran out of the brown “Kestrel” I used for the body (I even had to take out my swatches to get enough to finish the sleeve).

So, one side (on the right in the above photo) is being knit in Chipotle. The other side I haven’t decided on yet ~ Dance the Orange, or Scrimshaw? I’m leaning towards Dance the Orange. Don’t think I’ll do it striped after all. Time will tell. I’m not there yet.

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