Color Inspiration Thursday: Lakeside

STF Lakeside on Tayet, and inspirations

Lakeside is a rich, deep blue reminiscent of the dark, clear blue waters of a freshwater lake in shadow. It sort of defies description, because it’s such a nuanced color. With touches of cobalt, sapphire, teal, and dark denim overlaying the base blue, it’s classic and fresh at the same time.

It’s not too dark, so it will show stitchwork and won’t be too difficult to see your stitches while you’re working with it, as some really dark colors can be. But still dark enough to work well in colorwork projects.

Lakeside with Scrimshaw, Solace, Ebb & Flow, Vintage, Highland Summer, Toile de Jouy, and Pink Sands. All shown on Tayet, which is currently on sale at 40% off.

I showcased all these colors on Tayet, because it’s currently on sale at 40% off retail ($16.80 per 4 ounce skein!) and I still have a great selection of colors so I thought I’d do a little plug for it. 🙂 And there’s still plenty of Lakeside available. I like to showcase colorways that are available whenever possible, so I’m not just teasing you all with something I don’t have. That seems mean to do to other knitters; I’d rather be an evil enabler than a horrible tease. heh heh.

I’m discontinuing Tayet because I need to make room for some new bases I’m dying (dyeing?) to debut, so it’s out of here. But it’s a great yarn (100% superwash bfl fingering), with great stitch definition and a lovely, wooly hand. It’s also one of those yarns that really doesn’t bloom to its full potential until after it’s been knit and blocked. Check out all the beautiful projects knit in Tayet over on Ravelry.

Some of my favorites:

Top Row, left to right: Kari’s Elfe, dlbecker’s Nimue, CPAknit’s Peppernut
Middle Row, left to right: Knitspot’s Tritium, Annick’s Wheaten Fingerless Mitts,  Bettina’s Guernsey Socks
Bottom Row: left to right: Fiddler’s Boardwalk, vehuddle’s Cable Brim Hat,  CPAknit’s Heart of the Mesa Mittens





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