Color Inspiration Thursday: Werewolf in London


“Werewolf in London” on STF Brigantia, and inspirations

Werewolf in London is a moody blue I created several years ago for my club, and was also featured on one of Clara’s yarns. It’s a fabulous color, and seemed perfect to highlight on the Winter Solstice (I also have a color named Winter Solstice, but I actually, inexplicably, have NO photos of it. In some ways, I like Werewolf in London better anyway; it’s just a little bit darker and moodier).

It’s a deep color, reminiscent of the midnight sky on moonless nights, when the stars are layer upon layer across the sky (there’s nothing like living deep in the country on moonless nights to really make one feel like an insignificant speck in an immeasurably vast universe. It never gets that dark in the city). I imagine dark Dickensian London alleyways, cold, crisp winter nights, with perhaps the distant howl of a wolf or eerie yip of a coyote (could it be a werewolf? perhaps).

My inspirations are those stunning nights which make one’s imagination go just a little bit wild, where every sound in the woods, every rustle, crunch of leaves or snapped twig, could be *something* dark and mysterious, perhaps a little dangerous, sneaking up on you. When the wind creaking through the trees seems just a little bit ominous. The delights of Halloween night, one of my favorite nights of the year.


Werewolf in London is an older colorway, so I have none in stock at the moment. But it can always be special ordered on any base, when you’re looking for just the right deep, cool, mysterious, and moody blue.

Happy Solstice! While Autumn and Winter are my favorite seasons, there’s something reassuring about Winter Solstice and the turning of the seasons. As much as I love winter, knowing the dark nights are slowly growing shorter, and the bright light and warm sunshine of Spring will be returning, makes these short days and cold nights that much more enjoyable, and fleeting.


4 thoughts on “Color Inspiration Thursday: Werewolf in London

  1. Love this color…I’m hoarding my Clara Cormo to use for Anne Hanson’s forthcoming sweater pattern Birches, with many organic cables.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes! It actually is ~ I totally forgot Kathleen Dames designed and knit a cabled sweater, Patchwork Princess, in this colorway. DUH. 😉


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